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Sunny Boy looking into acting but says music is his first love

2019-01-11  Pinehas Nakaziko

Sunny Boy looking into acting but says music is his first love
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WINDHOEK-Talented Hip-hop and Kwaito (Hikwa) artist Sunday Shipushu, aka Sunny Boy, says he has plans to be a professional actor in the near future, and wants to register for acting classes through the College of the Arts (COTA).

Speaking in an inclusive interview to New Era’s Entertainment Now!, Sunny Boy revealed that ever since he was young, he harboured ambitions for acting, although music has always been his priority. 

“I love acting,” says Sunny Boy, adding that ever since his primary school days, he was always passionate about acting and used to engage in school drama activities.

He says he wanted to bring this to light after he acted in two local movies, namely Captain Kalola 2 and This Is Windhoek.

“Although all the movies are not yet out, people will see that I am really talented when it comes to acting,” says Sunny Boy, adding that in Captain Kalola he acts as One Shot, a gangstar character.

“I am really looking into acting as a career, and hope my dream will come true one day,” the Hikwa star told us.

He adds that he is also working to rebrand his musical image.

His fans have been dancing all festive season to his second hit summer single titled Young, Wild and Free, which enjoyed massive airplay.

Commenting on the song, Sunny Boy says he did not think the song would be a huge hit as it has turned out to be.

“The song was produced and recorded in just one hour,” says Sunny Boy. “I remember when I produced my long hit song Balance, it was the same thing.”

Young, Wild and Free was produced by Glo. Sunny Boy says when he went to the studio, he had a different concept of the song. “I wanted to do something different but Glo wanted us to do something simple and light. We first came up with a beat and I started expressing myself freely and in a weird funny mood in my lyrics, that is how the song was born. Unexpected!” explains Sunny Boy.

When he uploaded the song on You Tube, Sunny Boy says he did not anticipate the song will go viral, until he saw people uploading and snapping with the song on their Instagram pages.

“I also started uploading these videos on my page and people started complementing me for making a hit December single,” says Sunny Boy.

The song was release as a second single and a foretaste of what to expect on Sunny Boy’s upcoming seventh studio album titled Uuyele, followed by his first single Stealing My Hearts where he featured Patrick from PDK, released last year.

Sunny Boy says the album will be released end of next month.

It has 18 tracks, and Sunny Boy worked with various local artists such as Adora, Young T, Tate Buti and many others.

“I titled my album Uuyele because of all the up and downs that I went through. It’s more about self-discovery and coming to light in my musical career,” he explains.

He says the album is more matured compared to the previous albums. “This feels like my second album, I really worked hard to prove myself that I can still sing and claimed my spot as an artist.”

Apart from the album, singles and shooting more videos this year, Sunny Boy is busy rebranding his image and pushing to promote his clothing brand, Hikwa.  He is also busy scouting fresh talents to his label, Yaziza Entertainment.

“I need someone to mentor, and to pass on the talent and experience I have in the music industry.”

His achievements in the music industry thus far is coming up with his own genre, hikwa, which is a blend of hip-hop and kwaito. “Many artists are now following my genre which is a big achievement.”

He also wants to see his genre being recogonised in the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAS).

Other achievements include being the only artist in Namibia invited to perform at the Summer House Festival in Swakopmund last month, were he performed alongside some big guns from South Africa, including Heavy K, Master KG of Botswana and socialite Zondwa Wambantu, also from South Africa.

2019-01-11  Pinehas Nakaziko

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