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Swakop Uranium 2021 glance

2022-09-01  Maihapa Ndjavera

Swakop Uranium 2021 glance

Despite the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on mining operations, Swakop Uranium managed to record its highest production ever. As a result of increased production, the company contributed N$3.2 billion to Namibia’s economy in 2021. 

Swakop Uranium’s mining operations exceeded expectations with 103 million tonnes mined from zone 1 and 2 pits, which was 4% above prospects after rebounding from 2020 Covid-19 challenges.

One of the major challenges at the mine last year was the availability of parts and prices due to the impact of the pandemic that disturbed the world’s logistics chains. 

Swakop Uranium is a partnership between Namibia and the People’s Republic of China, of which 10% is held by the Namibian State through the Epangelo Mining Company and 90% by Taurus Minerals Limited, jointly owned by the China General Nuclear Power Group and China Africa Development Fund. 

At the launch of the Swakop Uranium’s 2021 Sustainability Report this week, counsellor for economic and commercial at the Chinese Embassy Liu Mingzhe said the N$3.2 billion contributions to the domestic economy were by means of local procurement, taxation, wages and social investment.

“The company has a total of about 1 700 permanent employees, of which 96% are native and 2% are talents recruited from the SADC region,” he stated.

The mining partnership is a long-standing relationship between China and Namibia, which culminated in China’s single largest investment in Africa to construct the world-class Husab Mine. 

Mingzhe added the mining investment is more than US$5 billion. 

Swakop Uranium is a private company, registered in Namibia, and it is the owner of the Husab Mine, located near Swakopmund.

Mingzhe noted: “The company is also an active practitioner of renewable energy. Swakop Uranium makes use of the waste heat from the production of sulphuric acid to generate electricity with a power generation of 15 megawatts. In 2021, the 12-megawatt solar power station was completed and will be put into operation soon”.

At the same occasion, deputy minister of mines and energy Kornelia Shilunga stated Swakop Uranium is so far the largest mining operation in Namibia in terms of mining volumes, with a target to mine approximately 100 million tons annually and at its best targeting to produce 5 000 tons of U308 (Uranium Oxide) for export markets – predominantly to China.

The mining sector is one of the most sensitive areas of investment firstly due to its extractive nature hinges 100% on the environment and can have long-lasting effects on society both positively and negatively.

“Given the environmental impacts of mining activities, it is highly advisable and recommendable that companies take huge strides to build and maintain trust with stakeholders both at government and societal level,” said Shilunga.

Furthermore, the deputy minister noted Swakop Uranium’s life of mine at present is estimated to run until 2036, which is only from its current operating zones and not inclusive of its exploration sites.


2022-09-01  Maihapa Ndjavera

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