• April 1st, 2020

Swapo confident of poll victory

WINDHOEK - Hundreds of Swapo faithful on Saturday streamed into the Sam Nujoma stadium in Katutura, with the party confident it will win the 27 November polls overwhelmingly, along with its presidential candidate President Hage Geingob. 

Founding President Sam Nujoma and his successor Hifikepunye Pohamba also attended the final rally. Both have addressed party rallies during the campaign period, endorsing Geingob’s candidature as the only sole candidate of the ruling party for the presidential elections this Wednesday. Namibians will also vote for members of the National Assembly. 

Swapo currently has 77 seats in the National Assembly. Addressing the electrifying crowd, Geingob reminded the party members that the party is entering this contest as brothers and sisters. Therefore, he said, “Let us adopt the mantra of “playing the ball and not the player.” He urged all political parties and their candidates to focus on issues and not personalities. “Let us play the ball and not the player, so that after the elections, we can all accept the outcome, shake hands and move on as brothers and sisters with our project of nation building,” he said. Geingob said he has no doubt Swapo and its presidential candidate would emerge victorious on Wednesday. “Our campaign is based on a tested and proven track record. The time has come for you to exercise your democratic right to vote,” he said. He said Swapo has made its commitments to the people based on its track record. “Our manifesto is our CV in which we describe our qualifications, achievements, shortcomings and commitments,” he added. Geingob added the Swapo-led government is tested and respected by the people as evident by the huge turnout at the party rallies. “That is why we enter the campaign – based on our performance. We have a track record spanning 29 years in which we have delivered tangible results in the areas of governance, macroeconomic performance and socio-economic development,” he said.  Geingob said Nujoma represented the first wave of African leaders, followed by Pohamba. “I am glad the two presidents are always with us; we are always together – this is a clear indication that the Swapo legacy continues,” he said. If given another five-year mandate, Geingob said he would ensure government delivers on the promise made to those who have elected the party and its presidential candidate. “I will continue to advance our narrative of the Namibian house – bringing people together. I will continue to advance the values that Namibians cherish. I will continue to consolidate peace, stability, unity and rule of law, while pursuing all means to accelerate economic advancement,” said the energetic Geingob. He said Swapo is a people’s party, for it belongs to all Namibian tribal and indigenous groups, urging party supporters, followers, rank and file members, as well as the leadership to ascribe to the party’s principles. 

“We have vowed to combat retrogressive tendencies of tribalism, ethnicity, nepotism, racism, sexism, chauvinism, regionalism, personality cult, etc. Let us not forget that! This is the Swapo way and there is no other way. If you believe in tribalism, then you do not believe in Swapo,” he declaimed. Geingob says given the party track record, Swapo is the only party that can guarantee Namibia a continued and positive growth trajectory.  “We are the party that is continually reinventing itself. From the original cabinet of 1990, only I remain. From the original parliament, there are only four cadres remaining. The rest are new blood,” he said. He said this is an affirmation that in Swapo, change is the only constant. “Swapo is the only party that unites all races, ages, tribes, ethnicities and regions. Vote Swapo to stabilise the economy and continue Namibia’s economic growth and development. Vote Swapo to continue to defend Namibia’s sovereignty and security. Vote Swapo to fight GBV, drug addiction, corruption, and other serious crimes,” campaigned Geingob.

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2019-11-25 06:56:58 | 4 months ago

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