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Swapo freezes Grootfontein, Otjiwarongo elections

2019-03-08  Obrien Simasiku

Swapo freezes Grootfontein, Otjiwarongo elections

OMUTHIYA - Unresolved internal party issues in Otjozondjupa Region might have resulted in the exclusion of Grootfontein and Otjiwarongo districts, to carry out the renewal of the mandate of leadership for sections, branches and districts whose mandate has expired.

Swapo Party Secretary-General Sophia Shangingwa, issued a directive on March, 1, forwarded to all regional coordinators, secretaries of wings and national leaders assigned to regions in which she stated that, the renewals of mandate of leadership for all sections, branches and districts for the structures whose mandate expired should commence immediately and end on May 31.  This directive was sent to all wings

She indicated, “The two districts of Otjiwarongo and Grootfontein in Otjozondjupa Region must not commence with the renewal of mandates until they get further instructions.”

Swapo Party Executive Director, Austin Samupwa said the communique was not for the media hence he could not answer questions related to the matter. “I do not know why you guys (media) like intercepting things that are not meant for you. That was an internal communication for the party structures. When the appropriate time comes, you will be informed via a press conference and all the issues will be explained,” said Samupwa.

District Coordinator for Groofontein John Haimbodi acknowledged receipt of the memo, while referring all queries to the Regional Coordinator for Otjozundjupa Susan Hikopua. Haimbodi although briefly said the political tension in Grootfontein is resolved, saying the infighting were necessitated by people who could not accept defeat. 

On Tuesday, Hikopua said, the preliminary exclusion could be as a result of unresolved issues pertaining to the Otjiwarongo District where they were seeking a placement of a new coordinator. In terms of Grootfontein she said it could be as a result of the terms of some mandates that has not lapse,”

“Otjiwarongo people complained that the current district coordinator Carlos Josef be removed as he is doing nothing for the party at all. This is due to the fact that the said person is employed by the Ministry of Health, and the position of district coordinator is a permanent position and he is not willing to leave his current job. As a result, the party last year nominated two candidates for the position. One nominee was however removed as they could not meet all requirement hence the recommendation of the other,” she stated.

“We thus submitted the name to the Secretary General for vetting and ratification sometime last year November after it was resolved that somebody else should be nominated to act in that position for three month. We are still waiting for a decision from the SG,” elaborated Hikopua, although describing the political atmosphere in the region as stable.
“The situation is calm, it is only a few individuals that are causing problems by instigating other people thereby breaking the party rule and code of conduct,” added the coordinator who lately has been under fire from fellow members who are calling for her removal. 

She is further accused of inciting factionalism and tribalism. 
Otjozondjupa has 210 sections, 87 branches and 7 districts. Hikopua said they will begin the election next week, as they are still busy drafting the programmes. 

2019-03-08  Obrien Simasiku

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