• September 24th, 2020

Swapo in //Kharas tired of ‘ornamental MPs’

Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHOOP - Swapo Party’s //Kharas Regional Executive Committee held a meeting over the weekend to nominate representatives for the upcoming electoral college, better known as the ‘pot.’
During a press conference, Matthew Mumbala, the Swapo Regional Coordinator, stressed party members who claimed ignorance of this process of mandate renewal to be ‘totally wrong and out of order.’ He further emphasised their meeting aims to nominate potential, aspiring, vocal members who can become members of the 2020 National Assembly.  “When we gather here today, please do not practice favouritism when a candidate hails from your district, look into people who can go and talk about //Kharas Region, not those who are ornaments in sitting stools,” Mumbala cautioned members present.

“Those of you who got elected today and might possibly attain seats in the National Assembly must always represent //Kharas Region,” said the politician. Mumbala reminded future parliamentarians to always strive to ‘be ambassadors of their grassroot supporters. He then called on Swapo executive committee members to be prepared in accepting the outcome of the ballot, not claiming exclusivity when the outcome is announced. As per the party’s constitution 14 men and women’ nominees have been nominated from the seven constituencies after which six men and- women will be nominated during the said meeting as representatives for the upcoming party congress, known as the ‘pot.’ “These candidates will then be vetted at the Politburo whereby only one male and one female will be included in the electoral- college,” Mumbala explained.

Results from the said ballot indicated Jims Christiaans, Stevie Ovambo and Lazarus Nangolo will be the male representatives whilst Susana Ndjaleka, Aletha Fredrick and Gaudentcia Kröhne emerged victorious as women representatives nominated by the ruling party in //Kharas Region.

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2019-08-06 06:57:53 | 1 years ago

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