• April 3rd, 2020

Swapo: Neka wants intergenerational dialogue

The Namibian Exile Kids Association (Neka) says the time is ripe for honest and open engagement between generations in order to help move Swapo Party forward. They are also calling on party elders to consider ideas on succession planning when it comes to its top leadership. 

Neka president Benitha Nakaambo said they were saddened to see some Swapo elders engaging in generational conflict, which has caused the grass to suffer the most. 

“This generational conflict between peers who waged the liberation struggle together is of great concern to us and has the potential to diminish the party in totality,” Nakaambo noted in a statement. 
Neka wants Swapo elders to put their differences aside and unite on ideological principles that were and are based on the brotherhood of mankind. 

She said it is a good thing that President Hage Geingob has dedicated this year to introspection, adding that there is a great need for Swapo to talk and unite. 

The association is of the opinion that the veterans of the liberation struggle must be positioned and rooted in the structures of the party in order to guard the fundamental principles of the country’s ruling party. 
Neka also proposes that provision be made for the inclusion of permanent membership of members of the veteran associations to the central committee and the politburo of Swapo, as they were instrumental in the liberation struggle. 

“Failure to embrace their participation is a betrayal to those that paid the highest price. Generational dialogue is needed and so is succession planning in Swapo Party. Generational mix must be topical in our developmental discourse, just like in the struggle; many of our current leaders were assigned critical roles even at the height of the Cold War when they were barely 35 years of age,” Nakaambo advised, adding that the party needs a clear succession plan that identifies talent and nurtures it. 

“So, let us all come together, listen to each other, compromise, and agree to move forward. We need to manage our leadership succession much better because if the past is anything to go by, it has always bred more division, chaos and factions,” she noted. 

She added it also naturally breeds opportunism and provides an open door for attack from external forces. 
Hence, Neka suggested to Swapo Party that at the next congress (2022), the party should have prior consensus on the presidential candidate to avoid repeated division and factionalism.  This, it says, requires that they sacrifice their personal interests and egos in the interest of the party and the Namibian people. 
According to Neka, they are supportive of President Geingob to trim his Cabinet. However, they also want Geingob to appoint tested cadres who are qualified and experienced with the potential to serve in the best interest of the nation. 

Nakaambo says Namibia needs people that understand the dynamics of the nation and their needs. Equally, she said, Namibia needs self-reliant cadres who are not afraid to listen to the people and hear the problems of the electorate.

“Lastly, we wish to warn our leaders that not everyone who always agrees with you is good for you; and not everybody that has different views to yours is bad for you either. So, we are requesting that you remember ‘the new broom sweeps better than the old one, but the new one doesn’t know all the corners of the house’. Let us forgive each other for the greater good of our party and our home.”

Albertina Nakale
2020-02-20 07:39:02 | 1 months ago

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