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Swapo regional positions up for grabs

2019-03-06  Obrien Simasiku

Swapo regional positions up for grabs

OMUTHIYA - Swapo Regional Coordinator for Oshikoto, Armas Amukwiyu says the party is prepared and ready to conduct elections to elect the new party leadership in sections, branches, districts structures, after the mandate of the current regional leadership expired.

There are 811 sections, 233 branches and 11 districts in Oshikoto historically regarded a Swapo stronghold. 
In an interview with New Era, Amukwiyu, said stated the party is united and more focused on conducting fair elections for the benefit of the masses. 

“I can confidently announce that the 95 percent of the party members are standing together. The mind set and focus of the rank and file in Oshikoto is focused on the party agenda at hand which is the renewal of the mandate for the lower regional structures,” he stated, saying the disunity, which marred the region over the past two years is now a thing of the past.
According to a directive issued by the Swapo Secretary General, Sofia Shaningwa, addressed to regional coordinators, secretary of wings and national leaders assigned to regions,” the renewals of mandate of leadership for all sections, branches and districts for the structures whose mandate have expired should commence immediately and end on May 31.” 

The directive further outlined that, strict adherence to Swapo Party constitution, rules and procedures for elections of party cadres should be enforced and no deviations will be tolerated. “Any deviations will be met with appropriate action,” warned the party supreme.

Furthermore Amukwiyu, revealed the region is now politically stable, however he cited that there are still some few minor leadership issues still needed to be ironed in Omuntele Constituency. “Overall everything is OK in the other 10 districts. We learnt from what happened during the 2017 party elective congress, that should serve as a lesson. Therefore, we should all campaign under one Swapo and no division should be allowed and tolerated,” strongly stated Amukwiyu, saying whatever happened during and before congress is history.

The party’s regional conflicts were only addressed after Shaningwa held a two-day meeting with the regional leadership towards end of last year.

In addition, Amukwiyu, reminded party members that, this is a year of accountability thus urged to conduct themselves professionally by following rules and procedure, adding those to lose should smoke the peace-pipe and move on. “As a party we have now committed ourselves to focus maintaining peace, unity and serve the community. There is democracy in the party thus those positions will be contested, hence both losers and winners should able to work together afterwards, in the end it is for the benefit of the pary,” added the coordinator whose term runs until 2022. 

2019-03-06  Obrien Simasiku

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