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Swapo to remunerate branch coordinators 

2018-10-25  Obrien Simasiku

Swapo to remunerate branch coordinators 

OMUTHIYA - All Swapo Party branch coordinators will soon start receiving remuneration for their work at the grassroots.
The part believes it is the branch coordinators who canvass support for the party and must thus be rewarded for their work.
According to Secretary-General Sophia Shaningwa, the move is one among many resolutions undertaken during the 2017 elective congress. 

She was however not precise as to when the remuneration will be effected, but said the party was still in the process of structuring and deciding on the frequency of payment - whether it will be on a monthly, quarterly or annually.

“Now, why are we doing this type of things? It is because these people in the regions are the ones making the party stronger. They work day and night for the Swapo Party to put us in leadership positions, but these people are not having taxi money or money to even buy soap,” she said.

“Therefore at the congress it was decided these people must be remunerated,” stressed Shaningwa, during a party meeting held in Oshikoto. 

Having said that, Shaningwa expressed concern regarding some leaders that are plundering party resources. She vowed to put stringent measures in place to arrest such plundering. 

“It should come to an end. I do not want to hear anymore that Swapo Party resources and finances are being squandered left, right and center. I am going to tighten that loophole at the headquarters.”

“So that at least the resources whichever Swapo receives from wherever, it should go to the right people on the grounds that are tirelessly working for the party,” stressed the former minister of urban and rural development.  
Furthermore, she said leaders should stop being selfish in trying to clinch onto fortunes while there are others who are suffering. 

“This is not only a call for Oshikoto but to all 14 regions that, all resources belonging to the party should be handled like an egg,” urged Shaningwa.

“Today we are suffering and do not have the resources. However, time-to-time you will hear that, millions from this and that sector are squandered. These things must come to an end comrades. We have to start doing things the right way, and it can only happen if we as leaders are moving together in one direction with the same spirit,” she concluded. 

2018-10-25  Obrien Simasiku

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