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Taxi destination signals proposed for Windhoek

2021-07-08  Staff Reporter

Taxi destination signals proposed for Windhoek
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An ambitious Windhoek-based entrepreneur has developed a taxi hand signal campaign which he hopes will improve road use efficiency in the capital city. Titus Iinane says he developed the hand signal campaign in order to minimise the time taxis spend waiting for clients as well as to clear road congestion caused by taxis stopping in the middle of the road as well as to reduce the traffic fines taxi drivers receive. “Windhoek requires a hand signal system that clearly indicates to the taxi driver where the commuters are travelling to,” said Iinane. 

“The hand signals that have been designed will symbolise different locations within the city. For example, popular destinations such as Rocky Crest, town, northern and southern industrial areas, Windhoek north, Windhoek West, Havana and other parts of the city will have their own dedicated hand signals,” Iinane explained. 

He added that the proposed hand signals are largely theatrical and evident, thereby clearly symbolising landmarks in different areas of the capital. Iinane continued that the signals will be designed in partnership with the Namibia National Association for the Deaf to be in line with current signals used by the hearing impaired. 

Said Iinane: “Our primary aim is to facilitate effective time management within the City of Windhoek. It is believed that effective service is based on qualitative communication strategies. Focussing on minimising fuel consumption and the stop and start scenarios, highlighting safety first, providing quality services and communication, education the public and avoiding unnecessary road accidents”. 

He explained that the destination signals are a communication tool between taxi drivers and commuters in order to manage and cater to the city’s movement efficiently and effectively. 

“As everyday taxi commuters, people can safely attest to the fact that there is a dire need for a more strategic communication method between transportation stakeholders in the City of Windhoek. The proposed initiative is inspired by road safety, efficiency and good time management. We see this vision as one that is in line with the city’s development goals to transform Windhoek into a Smart City,” said Iinane. 

However, a regular taxi commuter has questioned the proposal, saying that adhoc signals already exist to a certain degree but that these do not seem to have eased the current road congestion. The taxi commuter therefore questioned the effectiveness of the proposed hand signals and their intended impact on the city’s overcrowded roads.

2021-07-08  Staff Reporter

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