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Teachers Exercise: A leaf from a business guru

2018-09-05  Staff Report 2

Teachers Exercise: A leaf from a business guru

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when one tries to answer the question: how can we raise the standard of our local education? 

The main factors however, remain the teacher and the learner/student. The learner/student must understand the subject, and the teacher must teach in such a way that the content reaches the learner/student’s heart. We can focus on other factors as much as we want, but if the teacher and the learner/student are not playing their part, it will always be a waste of revenue.

These exercises are meant for those teachers, who can humbly admit that there is always room for improvement. This is an attempt to provide additional teaching skills. These skills are not taught at teacher training institutions, but they form the basis of my course: THE SECRET TO EXTRA-ORDINARY TEACHING. This is not just a mere theory. A theory can prove itself to be useless, if put into practice. This is a feedback, born out of real classroom experience and any teacher willing to try will begin to notice changes in her/his lessons. For new readers, I invite you to Google the previous articles.

The previous exercise reminded us that every human being deserves to be respected, because she/he was created to do something meaningful for the world. The task of the teacher is to equip the young human being with the basic knowledge about the world, so that she/he can confidently attend to her divine assignment. The teacher must respect that this learner/student might become a great scientist, who will invent something that will benefit the world. Respect is a two-way road and when the elder can bring her-/himself to respect the younger, then the younger will respect the elder ten times more.

Today’s exercise is directed to teachers who teach Business Studies. I recently bought a copy of Dr. Frans Oupa Indogo’s book Moshitila Mwa Z’ondjupa. It takes the reader on a journey through Dr Indongo’s life and it reveals how he turned himself into an icon. After reading, you will understand his philosophy behind naming his stores Okatana, Meduletu and Continental. The book contains additional jewels and gemstones like: the beginning of my business career, managing employees and organizing the business, the chain of my business, my personal philosophy and much more. I was fortunate to attend “An Evening of Transformation” which was organised by Mr Sam Shivute. Dr Erastus “Chicco” Shapumba spoke about the significance of networking, the fruits of hard work and the wisdom of customer relationship. I was delighted to hear that Dr Shapumba, as a young man, went to Dr Indongo to seek mentorship. 

Dear Business Study Teacher, I suggest that you get a copy of Dr Indongo’s book and study it thoroughly. I further encourage you to research the life of Dr Shapumba. This will make your subject more tangible for students. At the same time, this will inspire young people to aim for greatness, because you are talking about local people. This simple exercise will give knowledge to the learners, which will take them beyond exams. That knowledge will give them something for life. One of your students might just decide to emulate the steps that these two sons of our soil have taken. That student might just become the next Namibian icon. You never know.  

*Shapumba Ya Shapumba is the founder of Natural Learning Education Consultancy. He teaches how to obtain a+ in any subject (students) and the secret to extraordinary teaching (teachers). For booking: or 0812786925 

2018-09-05  Staff Report 2

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