• February 20th, 2020

Teachers Exercise: Be a servant to your students

There are various factors to be considered when one is contemplating the standard of education in our beloved motherland.

However, the truth is that it all boils down to two pillars: the TEACHER and the LEARNER/STUDENT. Learners/students do not know how to think about a subject matter in such a way that they really understand it and most teachers lack the quality needed in order to attract the attention of the students. I go from school to school and teach students how to learn in the most natural way possible and I reveal to teachers how to open the mind and heart of a pupil. How can we expect learners to understand a subject, if their hearts and minds are closed? These articles contain exercises designed to give teachers a certain “extra touch”. What is the extra touch? It is that invisible bond between the learner and the teacher, which accelerates the learning process. That invisible bond is rooted in the personality of a teacher. These exercises will enrich the personality of any teacher who is willing to improve. We do not entertain fancy theories. These are concrete tools shaped by real classroom experience. I invite you to Google my previous articles for a better understanding.

The last exercise showed us the significance of patience. We saw that we as teachers often get annoyed when our learners/students take too long to understand the essence of a subject. We are reminded to consider the fact that we first of all studied that given subject and we have taught it over many years. That is not the case for our learners/students. It is their first encounter with that specific topic and it is only natural that they need time to wrap their minds around it. Remembering that we were once students too can be a humbling moment. Did you instantly understand when you were at college? Probably not. Be patient with your learners.

This week’s exercise is about being a servant to our learners/students. Most teachers behave as if they were better than their learners. You can observe this in the tone of voice they use towards the learners. To take it further, we teachers often look at our pupils as if they were stupid little things … let’s be honest now. What is the cause of that attitude? A puffed-up ego. What caused the ego to be puffed up to such an extent? It is the fact that the teacher went through at least four years of university to finally receive the desired Degree, Masters or PhD. Now, the teacher has something which the learners lack: knowledge. It is part of human imperfection to feel superior to others, as soon we possess something that they do not. This feeling of superiority to our fellow man can be rooted in money or knowledge. The latter often applies to the teacher. If that teacher happens to be rich as well, she/he might go to the next level; feeling super-superior.

Somewhere, I read that HE WHO WANTS TO BE THE GREATEST MUST BECOME A SERVANT TO OTHERS. There is a link between feeling superior and students not performing. Dear teacher, you are here to serve the learners. Humble yourself and your students will bless you by understanding much faster.

*Shapumba Ya Shapumba is the founder of Natural Learning Education Consultancy. He teaches how to obtain a+ in any subject (students) and the secret to extraordinary teaching (teachers). For booking: shapumbashapumba@yahoo.com or 0812786925.



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