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Technology a catalyst for innovation

2019-10-04  Nuusita Ashipala

Technology a catalyst for innovation

ONGWEDIVA – Professor Teatulohi Matainaho, in his article titled ‘Technology and Innovation – A catalyst for development’, writes that technology plays a critical role in transforming societies and economies through enhancing efficiency, connectivity and access to resources and services.

He further goes on to say innovation has long been recognised as an important driver of economic growth and that innovation leads to new and improved products and services, higher productivity and lower prices.
A management event report published in 2014 suggests that innovation is the primary reason for technological advancement.  

The management event further reports that the internet and mobile phones spearheaded the advancement over two decades ago.

Equally, growing consumer demand has boosted technology, as digital natives are always left wanting more.
“Time after time, innovation continuously reciprocates consumers’ digital needs with a more advanced technology,” the report said.  

Similarly, in Namibia digital media coupled with internet has taken over the industry by storm and is in a way doing away with the manual manner of doing things.

In the media, for instance, news have become more intimate on social platforms as many news consumers read their online version before landing on a hard copy, if ever they do get it.
The use of internet seems to be the latest form of communication in recent years not only in mainstream media, but also in social media.  

An article published by The Economist recently said technology could drive innovation and propel countries to the forefront economically, as a result empowering the people.

Regarding Vision 2030, the article by The Economist suggests that Namibia needs to employ more technological advancements in order to achieve the envisaged vision.

Given the fourth Industrial Revolution, which is characterised by fast evolving technologies, Festus Mbandeka, the Chief Executive Officer of the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia, said the artificial intelligence, which comes with advanced technologies, might lead to loss of jobs for semi-skilled people.

2019-10-04  Nuusita Ashipala

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