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‘The Art of Balu Panda’ on its way

2021-05-07  Strauss Lunyangwe

‘The Art of Balu Panda’ on its way

Strauss Lunyangwe

After joining the 061Music crew in 2018, Bradley Malanton Rachellend Richter, popularly known as Balu, is slowly making his solo comeback this year.

Balu appeared on Damara Dik Ding’s hit single ‘Bakuten’ as a solo artist almost a decade ago but has kept busy with the likes of Sinna-G and Tukondjeni, who form part of 061Music. He told VIBEZ! that he will soon release a project, which he has been working on behind the scenes.

“I wouldn’t actually say that I have been silent because I have been working on new material with 061Music. I am planning on dropping fresh music, as I recently finished an eight-track album, called ‘The Art of Balu Panda’, produced by 061Music, Kanibal, Dj Dozza, alongside Sinna-G.”

 Balu (35) stated he still has the same passion and love for the music. “The only difference is I’m not so much involved in it because now I’m older and a family man.” The biggest lesson he learned from being part of the music fraternity is unity, saying money is not always needed when featuring or working with artists.

“While we are all still trying to make a name for ourselves, we are busy judging one another, while we should be uniting and do shows because that’s mostly where this industry makes money – and you need a side hustle; never forget that.”

Balu also urged upcoming artists to keep pushing because they will never know when their breakthrough would come. 



 “Work with other artists even if there’s no money involved; practice unity, rather than getting rich quick.”



 “Never limit yourself from anything involving your art; go all out!” Balu further expressed gratitude for what he has achieved thus far, even though he didn’t win any awards yet, adding: “The global industry is huge and I still have a lot to prove”.

He thanked his team at 061Music for showing him brotherly love and for resurrecting his talent after people heard from him last on Bakuten.

“I salute them big time – Kanibal, Sinna-G and Tokonjeezy Maniak.” 



 New music coming... Balu set to soon release a new project,  ‘The art of Balu Panda’.

2021-05-07  Strauss Lunyangwe

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