• June 2nd, 2020

The Close Up with DJ Lisch

WINDHOEK - Lischen Khachas, better known as DJ Lischen, is teaming up with Desert Films to bring a new show titled ‘The Close Up with DJ Lisch’ on YouTube.

The versatile DJ, who hosts the Big Breakfast Show on Touch FM from 06h00 to10h00, promises to bring a show that will give viewers a chance to get insightful information about their guest, which will include artists, influencers, ministers and anybody that is in the public eye.

She told Entertainment Now! that they will be talking about everything, sometimes candid conversations and clarifying on rumours. “They can also expect lots of laughter and great music because I do a top 10 of the guests’ favourite songs in music videos,” she said.

The radio personality also released a new Gqom single recently titled ‘Tae na’, something different from her previous work, which is smooth house. “‘Tae na’ is something I’ve been delaying for a while and it was haunting me. I worked with Kallo on the beat, and he pushed me out of my comfort zone. My two previous releases were smooth house and my new song is Gqom, so imagine the difference,” she said.

Lischen further explained that the song’s dance vibe is part of the current Gqom wave provocative dance and party track, which is quite different from what is in the industry right now. 

Fans can expect a video from the track with two more singles to be released this year and an album next year. 

She, however, regretted the lack of shows and events on bigger platforms. “As DJs, we are mostly in clubs and if you’re lucky enough to be spotted, you get a corporate gig here and there, and that’s a challenge. We are now resorting to making our own shows,” she remarked.

She wants to see many DJs playing and pushing local music because currently there is a lot of quality local music out there that Namibians are starting to love and appreciate.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-08-23 08:52:25 | 9 months ago

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