• September 26th, 2020

The Impact of Data on the Sustainability of GIPF – OATF

Amos Kambonde

GIPF continues to be a proud participant at the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair. At this year’s Trade Fair, GIPF will focus on running a massive data clean-up campaign. 

Without good quality data the Fund cannot seek to improve accuracy and efficiency in any area of its operations and the benefits it offers to the members therefore data is, will always and always has been the foundation that the Fund is built on, hence data accuracy  will lead to the sustainability of the Fund. Data accuracy can also help the Fund to offer excellence services to its members.

Inaccurate data delays benefit payments; leads to compromised service delivery, creates opportunity for fraudulent activities, wrong benefit payments, over / under stated assets and liabilities, and increased administration costs due to constant rectification of data. Thus above-mentioned issues, if not addressed, negatively impact the sustainability of the Fund, because these two go hand in hand, if your data is inaccurate then you are risking the sustainability of the Fund hence we would like to clear the outstanding admission  and make sure all our members are admitted on our systems.

Membership to GIPF is part of the conditions of service for civil servants and employees of participating institutions. To be admitted in the Fund, a membership admission form must be completed on behalf of the employee by his/her Human Resources (HR) Officer. As a GIPF member, when providing details to your employer kindly ensure that the personal details you are providing are accurate and up to date.

The role of HR officers on data accuracy and the sustainability of the Fund, is based on the timely submission of new members, clearing of outstanding admissions, timely submission of amendments on member data, timely submission of member claims, informing the Fund on a monthly basis of members who leave employment and reasons for leaving employment such as death, resignation, retirement and provide staff members with pension related information

We therefore call upon all our members who are residing in the northern part of the country to visit the GIPF stand in Queens Hall. Apart from clearing the outstanding admissions, GIPF will be offering its standard services such as attending to your biometric GIPF Smart Card, your pension benefits, how and when to claim these benefits, how to prepare for retirement, update on your membership status, benefit statement printout and progress of your claim. Members seeking for specific updates related to their benefits are encouraged to bring their identity documents as well as their latest payslips.

As a Fund, we believe in sharing vital information with our members. We thus urge all our members to make use of all our platforms to access our services; this can be done through our digital online platforms, or by calling our offices or by visiting our offices countrywide. The Fund believes that increased stakeholders engagement has a positive impact on service delivery; as such we continuously aim to achieve excellence whilst assisting our members. 

*Amos Kambonde is the Marketing Manager at GIPF

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