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The life and sad ending of a great football man...Mannfredt ‘Molaiks’ Murirua-Kaaheke: 1958-2021

2021-04-01  Carlos Kambaekwa

The life and sad ending of a great football man...Mannfredt ‘Molaiks’ Murirua-Kaaheke: 1958-2021
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Upon learning about the death of the ever-present ‘Molaiks’, messages of condolences started flooding various social media platforms, uninterruptedly.  

“A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. Bro ‘Molaiks’ was a beautiful soul, full of love and faith, ascended to heaven, away from us, but closer to God, leaving loneliness and sadness. My joy will be greater, my love will be deeper, my life will be fuller because I shared moments with him since I met him and started for The Great Lions as a student at former Academy.

“This time of loss is like a grain of sand in an oyster. Over time, despite causing pain, the sharp grain becomes a valuable pearl. The memories and love for Bro Molaiks will eventually become a pearl of wondrous beauty. It will become a treasure in my heart.

“Dear friends and family, I know that death is a part of life, yet it’s never easy to lose someone. I’m so very sorry for the loss of Mannfredt ‘Manager’ Murirua, aka ‘Molaiks’, who had a bright spot in my life. I would love to help my friends and family to keep Manager’s memories alive and listen to your words, your tears, and to hold your hand through it all. I know that losing someone so dear like Molaiks is devastating, and no words can ever really relieve that pain. But, I wish you courage and healing during these toughest of days. Cry when you feel like it. Let the laughter roll when it comes and know that you will forever live on in the journeys you shared together.

“Sorrow can be like an ocean when the waves crash in. It may seem as though so much has been washed away. May those waves leave jewels in the sand of your heart. Beautiful memories can be like finding a perfect shell. They are to be enjoyed and treasured, examined, and loved. I am thinking of you and sending my love to comfort you. RIP manager,” reads a message of condolence from former Lions tough tackling fullback Dr Mike Ochurub, a proud holder of a PhD from Oxford University in the UK. 

“To the family of Molaiks and the Brave Lions of Judah. It hurts us a lot to hear about the sudden demise of my Legend…I am extending my heartfelt condolences and support to the family during this difficult time...Rev 21.4. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, no crying, and no pain anymore. I spoke to both Molaiks and Hauii in January this year and invited them to come visit my family and in the far north. I discussed the envisaged trip with my wife and she was really looking forward to  them. Trust Hauii will still come, I am blessed to be part of this wonderful Hungry Lions family,” wrote former Lions midfield general Hafeni Mwashekele. 

Former NFA secretary general Barry Rukoro, who started his football journey with the Brave Lions of Judah, as a fearless bubbling young shot stopper, also weighed in with praises for the departed Molaiks:

“I met Molaiks when I first joined the Brave Lions of Judah way back in 1985. Though a promising goalie, I was young and naive in many respects of life. Molaiks and many others, who lived in the shadow of the larger than life, the late Ben Uanivi took me under their wings, showing me the way. So, when I tell people that Hungry Lions made an immerse contribution towards the way I turned out to be, I mean people like Molaiks helped me to always keep my eye on the ball. May his soul find eternal peace in the realm of our ancestors. Thank you Molala for some straightforward advice.

“Usually at domestic football matches down the years, the main cast are mostly the players and the referee, who mostly take centre stage with most of the drama revolving around them. We usually find it hard to see charismatic and influential football figures in the mould of the late Ewert Nene of Kaizer Chiefs, South Africa. In Namibian football, only few spring to mind, but amongst those selected few, in my humble opinion, the name of Molaiks, affectionately known as ‘Manager’ cannot escape the recollection.

“No script about Namibian football, in particular Hungry Lions FC, will ever be complete without mentioning the name of Molaiks Murirua. He would NEVER let a good debate about the game pass him by and in his flamboyant, aggressive and well-informed narrative, he would put across his opinion in a robust, logical, but most importantly, respectful fashion. His beloved Hungry Lions always had first call on his conscious. If you wanted to appease him, speak good things about Hungry Lions,  but if you wanted to see and hear a self made ‘defense attorney’ for the cause of Hungry Lions, just let him know about your reservations of the Lions. Then you will witness a supporter ‘to the bone’” 

“I am honestly not aware of many people that would rattle off information about the history of the game in Namibia like Manager would effortlessly do, most times in Pro Bono fashion. Thus, a true iconic football guru has passed on...May his beautiful soul rest in peace,” adds former Cosmos lanky centre back and astute academic Pecka Semba.

“Dear Molala, I just have fond memories of you. Ever since Ben Kaurikarera Uanivi passed away in 2002, your life was never going to be the same again, luckily you will now have him to welcome you with love and joy in heaven,” added former Lions box-to-box midfielder and legal guru Jeff Tjitemisa.

 “Molala was the perfect incarnation of dedication, commitment and steadfastness, a manager, leader, astute organizer and a great source of inspiration for all of us. We are simply indebted to you and shall mourn and at the same time celebrate a life well lived. Let your departure usher us with the same bond and love you gifted and left us with. Go and meet your mentor and mentees alike, as they can’t wait to receive, welcome and lead you to your eternal life. Please pass our love and greetings to all the Brave Lions of Judah who have gone the way of all flesh. May their souls continue to rest in power collectively,” writes another Lions legend Sir Welcome Kazondunge.   


Go well Bro ‘Rokes’ 1955-2021

Former Red Bees, Döbra, Flames, Southern Empire and Augustineum Secondary School dangerous winger Ronnie Ngate Kahuure, has died from Covid-19 related complications. The lanky winger plied his trade with Nomtsoub (Tsumeb) outfit Red Bees FC and also enjoyed successful stints with both Döbra and Augustineum football teams before winding up his career at ambitious Katutura outfit Flames.   

2021-04-01  Carlos Kambaekwa

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