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The sick in Eengodi cannot take pills due to lack of water

2019-09-13  Obrien Simasiku

The sick in Eengodi cannot take pills due to lack of water

Paulina Moses

OMUTHIYA – The elderly and people with chronic illnesses in Eengodi Constituency in Oshikoto Region are unable to take their medication due to a lack of water. 

According to Councillor Protasius Neshuku, people with various health ailments default on their prescribed medication because they have no water.  

“We have drought as a big problem. The community is crying. I found some of the community members at areas such as Epama and Oshikondeilwa sick because of the unclean water they are drinking,” Neshuku said. Neshuku said that due to the severity of the drought, villagers have opted to dig boreholes despite the fact that the water is harmful to humans and even animals.

“But due to desperation they end up drinking it and get sick,” observed the councillor.
Neshuku is further saddened by the fact that those fortunate enough to have running water in their homesteads charge high prices to those who get water from them. 

He said it is depressing to hear that a child missed school to travel almost 30 kilometres to collect water, only to return home without water because they could not afford to pay the asking price.  
Neshuku urged people with running water to be mindful of those who are unfortunate. “Water is life, yet you make the price so high for the next person to afford. Selling is not the issue, but it should be at a reasonable price because not even Namwater charges so high.” 

Various solutions to bring water to people severely affected have been identified, according to the councillor.
“The village of Otula, for example, has a borehole with very good water, we just need a machine to drill it. That borehole can help many villages.”  

Another solution is a truck to transport potable water but the truck, according to the councillor, is in for repairs at the government garage.

“We are waiting for the drought money to be released. We will then carefully and strategically use that money to bring these solutions to fruition.” 
Appeals to various authorities have allegedly fallen on deaf ears, however the councillor says his office is doing the best it can. 

“There is not a day that passes by without finding someone at the office with a letter addressing the drought. I am not quiet. We are working and trying our best. We have been writing and sending letters to all relevant authorities. We are waiting for answers,” Neshuku said.

2019-09-13  Obrien Simasiku

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