• August 10th, 2020

The sky is the limit for Desmond Shipanga

Aletta Shikololo

Born and raised in the coastal town of Lüderitz, Desmond Shipanga has proven to be one of the inspiring entrepreneurs in the country, who went from zero to hero.
He is known for owning the ‘Birdies Movers and Trek Werk’ a logistics business that branched out with fish shops.
Popya sat down with Shipanga to talk about how he keeps blossoming as an entrepreneur.
“To get to where I am right now, I have failed a couple of times and many people never believed I would make it in life but through hard work and determination, here I am running one of the fast-growing companies in Windhoek,” narrated the business-minded Shipanga, who was once a truck driver. With tears in his eyes, Shipanga also credited his grandmother for raising him into a man he is today, saying she has been his support system.
Talking about his new business ‘Visser man-fish shop’, which has two branches in Windhoek and Okahandja, Shipanga said his dream is to grow his businesses and create more employment in the country.
The 32-year-old Shipanga has employed 10 people in his businesses. He describes himself as a champion for inspiring young people, mostly from his hometown, to believe in themselves and start their businesses.
“I have noticed a lot of young people are not poor; they are just selective and unwilling to take up opportunities. While my business was still growing, I also used to sell eggs on the streets – something a lot of young people will not want to do.” 
He blamed the youth for being too dependent and waiting for opportunities to knock on their doors, instead of seeking opportunities for themselves. He, however, advise the youth to venture into entrepreneurship and create jobs for themselves.
– ashikololo@nepc.com.na

Aletta Shikololo
2020-04-08 09:41:31 | 4 months ago

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