• May 22nd, 2019
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The unknown side of Lord “Lucky-Boy” Gawanab

From the notorious Guest House to the genuine leather couches at State House, the life journey of energetic Namibian Consul General in Menoque, Southern Angola, one Mauritz “Lucky” Gawanab, is just one of those astonishing tales that can only be traced in libraries and archives - detailing how successful blokes who have traveled through challenging thorny paths finally reached the promised land of milk and honey.

Bro Lakes is the epitome of an amazing combination of sheer talent, hard work, guts, dedication, determination, self-worth and above all, discipline and an amazing visionary mind.

A Jack-of-all-trades in the true sense of the word, Bro Lackos is a self-made man who has conquered the underworld of real township life where only the toughest survive. He has also seen the best side of life as a highly respected diplomat, representing his native land with great honour on various missions abroad. A proud holder of a Masters Degree in International Relations from UNISA, bro Lackos has never allowed fame and newly acquired status to get the better of him. 
He has always stood grounded to his roots as can be easily noticed in his traditional Tsotsie styled rolling stroll (walk) - even when attired in blue suits on high profile official assignments.

And lest we forget, the brother can also get slightly astray in communication whenever he reverts to his favourite township slang in between light conversations.
 In today’s edition of your favourite weekly sport feature, Tales of the Legends, profiling our sports heroes past and present, New Era Sport editor Carlos Kambaekwa, is well placed to unzip the untold history of the “Black Panther”.



Windhoek – History has taught us that in life, human beings always have some unpleasant episodes in their life, in modern lingo skeletons in our cupboards.

Born Mauritz “Lucky-Boy” Gawanab, in Windhoek’s old location on the 1st of October 1960, Lucky was the 3rd son of uncompromising hardcore political activist and astute businessman Phillemon “Houmoed” Gawanab. 
And for those who care to remember, Ou Phil and his brother //Harob were the last men standing during the old location notorious forced removal in 1968.

The pair would not budge even when the aggressive baton-wielding Bowker boys brutally dismantled his home with bulldozers until they closed the water taps as a last resort.
As was the norm amongst children from well-to-do parents, Lucky started his primary schooling at the coloureds/basters MH Greef in Windhoek’s old location, sandwiched between the Windhoek cemetery in Pionierspark and the old location graveyard in Hochland Park.

Aged just eight and hardly out of his pair of shorts, Lucky Boy arrived in Katutura with his parents and siblings - settling in the OD (Ovambanderu) section next to the kids’ playground (swings).

It was at this particular section that Bro Lakes would become exposed to multi cultural activities playing street football whilst at the same time mingling unhindered with young Ovaherero speaking boys alongside elder brother, the late Bambi.
Upon completing his primary schooling at MH Greef, he went to further his academic aspirations at the revered Ella Du Plessis High School in Khomasdal and though the school offered a good variety of sporting activities such as football and rugby – the darkish hide lanky boy from OD would have none of that.

Ou Lakes would rather get stuck to playing street football with his boyhood buddies after school and mostly on weekends.
In the meantime, Ou Lakes found himself in new territory after making friends with some streetwise boys from the Damara location. Well, back in the day, one would be branded a  ‘moegoe” if you were in the habit of avoiding street fights.
The boys formed a group (gang) baptized the “Nozimanga Boys” with a significant chunk of the streetwise young boys descendents from Upington, South Africa.

Sporadic fistfights would surface at the slightest provocation and the fearless Nozimanga Boys under the stewardship of Ou Lakes, were not immune to this daily occurrence. 
At the time, it was of paramount importance to gain total control over one’s territory and the Nozimanga Boys would enjoy the bragging rights in this aspect as confirmed rightful ‘Langanas’ of this particular section, adjacent to the notorious “Malaka Draai”.

  Next stop was the Katutura Guest House where the handsome Nozimanga Boys reigned supreme, becoming the envy of young lasses, notably of coloured descent. 
However, as fate would dictate, an unfortunate nasty incident would completely shape the wild life of the energetic Mauritz Gawanab. 

Upon returning from a night out at the Katutura Guest House in the wee hours of the morning on new year’s eve in 1984 – Ou Lakes survived death by the skin of his teeth when a cheap young Tsotsie, unprovoked, sunk his sharp okapi into the lower part of his abdomen after an argument triggered by a cigarette.

The said freak incident was to change the brother’s outlook on life as he resolved there and then to keep a healthy distance from the sacred “Haya Water of Moag” – embarking on a journey of bettering his persona.
Bro Lakes turned his attention to playing competitive football with the newly formed team Benfica FC, consisting of footballers from across the Orange River in Upington and a few Angolan refugees. 

The team became the toast of the crowd in the popular Khomasdal Football League with their much-adored South African brand of Diski football – much to the delight of the appreciative crowd.
His next stop was the “Lions of Judah” – Hungry Lions FC where he was to establish himself as a mean man marker who took no prisoners.

He once famously bottled Black Africa’s deadly striker Dawid “Big Fellah” Snewe in a league match at the old Katutura stadium. His near faultless display in that particular match earned him the respect and admiration of his teammates.
Though his overall style of play did not inspire the neutral football fan, Ou Lakes was a deadly penalty taker and adorable squad member of the set-up to the extent that he would ultimately become the main “Langana” in the Lions’ den.
A man of multiple talents, Ou Lakes is equally at home tickling a six-string guitar and can be spotted entertaining revelers in his adopted Menogue during his leisure time. 

Bro Lackos is also an enthusiastic part -ime farmer whose affection towards animals and outdoor escapades knows no boundaries.

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