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Themed events are always nostalgic - Cassidy Karon

2020-03-09  Paheja Siririka

Themed events are always nostalgic - Cassidy Karon

Rapper Cassidy Karon, half of the Paradox, the organisers and host of the recent 80s show held at Confab Bistro, said themed parties always evoke emotions and tend to make people feel nostalgic, which in essence brings people closer.

He told Entertainment Now! at a time when the country seems to be divided on tribal grounds or class, themed events always soothes the tension. 
“At a normal party, one can tell whether this is a CEO walking in or a general worker but through themed events, you bring uniformity and it’s almost as if you are in a team and channelling your inner child,” reflected Cassidy.

He said there is always a connection when people have something in common. 
“When you see a person with an afro, you are bound to connect with them – one way or the other. People get out of their shyness because of similarities. It’s almost like you being a certain character. It is evident that the retro theme and vibe is slowly but surely coming back in the era and it’s predominant wherever you are going,” stated Cassidy.

What was interesting and fascinating is the way the event was thoroughly themed to a point where they had someone using vinyl instead of a disk jockey to play music.

“We wanted to bring emotions out of people and we got it right. Some of the clothes were last worn in the 80s and it was interesting to also hear from people how fashion has changed over the years,” he said.
Namibians want to be challenged when going out because event organisers tend to have the same concepts all year round, so one has to come up with new ways of attracting crowds.
 “When you add a little theme or costume, it excites people – they go all out and look the part,” said Cassidy.

He said consistency is important and they are at least planning on having these types of events every two months at Confab Bistro. 

Saturday at Confab is the brainchild of Cassidy to get closer to his supporters who feel they are left out as far as his ventures are concerned.

“We are a close net family; The Mannettis are always there to support and guide me. Every Saturday, we would braai at home, have fun as a family and we wanted to extend that by hosting something similar at Confab, and it has been great, ” mentioned Cassidy.
Corporate Namibia is important for people in the art industry. 

“The backing form Standard Bank’s Pay Pulse was immaculate; they know that we have to assist one another and we now have leverage, walk in corporate institutions and listen to pitches from artists, so we have to use that opportunity,” urged Cassidy.

Cassidy, apart from being a hip-hop artist, who late last year dropped an album, titled ‘80s Mercedes’, is also a fashion designer behind the label //CONCEPT.

2020-03-09  Paheja Siririka

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