• October 28th, 2020

Three Kavango West councillors voted out

NKURENKURU – The recently held Swapo primaries in Kavango West produced a mixed bag, with five seating councillors prevailing as candidates for the upcoming regional council elections, while three failed to make the cut. 
In Kapako constituency, Johannes Karondo will remain the Swapo candidate in the November elections, while incumbent Mankumpi constituency councillor Muha Lukas, Sikondo Johannes Kahonzo for Ncamagoro and Sikongo Joseph Sivaku for Tondoro will also be fielded as candidates in their various constituencies.

 Mpungu constituency councillor Titus Shiudifonya has also been confirmed as a ruling party candidate. However, councillor for Musese Sakeus Kudumo lost to Kosmas Kayayuka Katura who emerged as a new candidate, while incumbent councillor Damian Nakambare lost the race to Tenga Fillipus who will now stand as a candidate for Nkurenkuru constituency. Ncuncuni constituency will also have a new candidate after Nseu Leopoldine managed to garner more votes than the incumbent councillor Ritha Sindjanga. 

Swapo regional coordinator David Hamutenya said he was pleased with the outcome. “I am satisfied with the outcome since it was conducted in a free and fair environment. Secondly, I respect the decision of the electorates, the people have decided to nominate their leaders, so I am in agreement with them,” he said. “I want to call upon every registered voter in Kavango West to rally behind our party candidates and for those who could not make it, they should accept the decisions of the delegates and accept that there is only one winner in a race and in this regard, the Swapo Party is the winner.”

Wholesale changes
Meanwhile, there were wholesale changes on the candidate list for the Nkurenkuru local authority as only one of the current councillors was voted as a candidate for the upcoming elections. Liveve Angelius will now be joined by Jafet Muti, Katura Robert, Katanga Andreas, Kaveto Leena, Muhepa Agatha and Kaundu Fani as candidates for the Nkurenkuru local authority. Hamutenya urged the successful candidates to work hard. 
“It is time to work hard for November elections and after elections, work for the interests of the electorates and other government institutions,” he said.

John Muyamba
2020-10-05 09:45:21 | 23 days ago

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