• June 6th, 2020

Throwback Friday with Charles Tjatindi: Raising modern kids in no child play!

Back in the day, children would play outside, never knew where babies come from and only referred to sex as ‘fiki-fiki’! That is not the case with modern day children – these ones know everything!

The other day I was battling different techniques on how best to sit my son down to tell him all about the birds and the bees. He is in his puberty and the school counsellor reckons lest I talk to him about sex, he will not stop imitating ‘the act’ on the plastic school chairs! Poor thing – those chairs are hard man!

As I talk to him about sex, I realised I was the one needing tutoring. To hell with the story about parents buying children, or my repeated attempts to tell the boy that Aunt Helena and I are merely good friends – he had it all figured out. 
This is the situation facing many modern parents; we have no clue on how best to raise a child. 

But what puzzles me even more is the manner in which some of us try to desperately win the affection of our toddlers. What I saw during a recent visit to one of my friend’s place has left me with endless nightmares! 

My friend’s wife was sitting with little Junior on her lap and was feeding him some form of baby food, or so I gathered. 
Junior took in a few spoonfuls before he decided he was not going to take in any more. The mother, realising that Junior has just launched World War 3, opted to plead with the young boy for his mercy.

I stared in disbelief as the mother promised the little man everything from more toys to bringing the moon down for him! 
The scene playing itself in front of my eyes reminded me of one of those movies where survivors of a plane crash stumble upon a remote village kingdom, ruled by an evil cannibal who bays for the blood of strangers. 

The dance my friend was forced to do in front of Junior to get him to eat is a true replica of one of those dances done by these strangers to get accepted into the clan! I tell you, that man would have passed any day for Kevin Costner role in “Dances with Wolves”.

Junior realised that I was not singing along to the made-up tune composed by the parents in the heat of the moment to make the boy eat.

“Daddy, Uncle Charlie is not singing…,” the boy said before deliberately spitting in his food and folding his arms over his chest.

I was dumbstruck! What? I needed to sing too? Hell no, let the little bastard starve! 
“Dave, come on man. You do not seriously want me to sing. Can’t you just give the little guy a hiding; threaten him with the police or something like that? I mean, that’s what ordinary people do,” I said in protest.

Dave and his wife both looked at me, jaws dropped and eyes widened in disbelief.
A long story short, I ended up doing Katrina and the Waves’ “Walking on the sunshine”, using my expensive Parker pen for a mic!  Eish, move aside Justine Bieber – Charlie is on a roll!

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