• September 27th, 2020

Tigers retire Kapule’s jersey No.7…as legend is laid to rest

Namibia’s oldest football club Tigers, founded in 1927 to be precise, yesterday paid a heartfelt befitting farewell to the club’s departed legend Nathaniel Alele Zico Kapule when it was announced that the club will be retiring jersey No.7, which Kapule donned during his heyday.
Kapule, who died last week Sunday at age 51, was laid to rest at the Khomasdal cemetery where hundreds of mourners gathered to pay their last respect to the football icon. 

Tigers management announced yesterday during Kapule’s tombstone unveiling that club will be retiring jersey No.7, which was worn by Kapule, and will strictly only be reintroduced again once Kapule’s son Hadji Kapule starts playing for Tigers.
Although not much of a household name for senior national team the Brave Warriors during his prime, Kapule will forever be remembered as a pivotal cog for Tigers in the early and mid-90s and for having been instrumental in paving the way for the club’s younger generation.   

Otniel Hembapu
2020-06-01 08:22:41 | 3 months ago

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