• January 21st, 2020

Time and people

Olavi Popyeinawa

There are only two things I consider constant in this world. Ever since I came to life in my mommy’s tummy and all the years I have spent walking this earth, there have only been two things I consider constant and permanent. That is time and people.
Whenever you leave your house and go about your day, time and people are one of the things you constantly have to be aware of, whether you like it or not or aware of it or not. With time we are powerless against it, but with people not so much.
People are interesting creatures, and unlike with time that just ticks forward, people are a whole different ballgame. They come in different genders, shapes, sizes, colours and with a brain.

It’s exactly because of that grey matter in their head that they stand out on a planet with more creations than I care to learn about.

This makes them quite unique in a special kind of way. Of course, there are those that are terrible that cause unnecessary harm and destruction to people and property, which next to celebrities I believe they get way too much attention for the wrong things.

On the flip side you get great people, people with golden hearts that don’t get the necessary and deserved attention or coverage. You have to actively search them out and learn of their great deeds before they get the recognition they deserve. In most cases, it is after their untimely passing that they are able to get recognised.

In a world that has a media that mostly covers the negative actions of people, there are some good people that are an inspiration to the youth whom I believe is the silent majority.

The good thing is that you don’t have to search far and wide to come across them, it could be the teacher that taught you mathematics with the patience of a monk when you couldn’t stand sitting in his or her class or the police officer that goes beyond the line of duty to make sure you enjoy your freedom with minimal worries as you go about your day.

Not all good people make it on the news and magazine covers, just like not all heroes are seen as Superman. 
Some people are just good with a pure heart and their work and achievements should easily withstand the test of time.  I wish I could run into them constantly and consistently like the illusion of time.

*Olavi Popyeinawa has a diploma in alternative dispute resolution and is currently studying law, LLB at the University of Namibia. He writes on youth matters. Find him on Instagram: niceguy_olavi, Facebook: Olavi Longfellow and Twitter: @ OlaviPopyeinawa

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