• August 14th, 2020

To be robustly head-on with corruption – LPM’s Mootu

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Being fed up with the system, corruption, growing up in hardships, high tax rates, and
high rental fees are just some of the things that led to Utaara Mootu to venture into politics.
“As a socialist at heart, I cannot stand for the injustices in the country and that’s what made me get
active in politics and at the same time, I realised that if I am not being the change that I want to see then who is going to bring the change,” Mootu informed Youth Corner.

She assured she will robustly be going head-on with corruption that has put the country’s economy and democracy on its knees. “I will be practical on the development and community issues which
includes exposing the deep unhappiness of our disadvantaged communities in terms of development
and getting basic needs, I will be hands-on and radical,” she passionately told Youth Corner.

The 23-year-old is heading to the National Assembly next year to represent Landless People’s Movement (LPM) and the people of Namibia at large. She said what the nation can expect is

“You can expect a young voice that speaks on creating innovation on the policy reform, especially on the laws that haven’t been discussed since independence,” she said.

Mootu who has an Honours Degree in Public Management, majoring in International Relations and Political Science said she wanted to show young people that it is possible as a young person to be
involved in politics and have your say in a corrupt regime.

Issues which are youth concerning that Mootu will tackle in parliament includes the scorching high
unemployment rate, the dehumanising poverty that has been the face and reality of the youth among others. “ Tackling social disintegration of the youth that they have been facing daily because
the country fails to understand the role of the youth in the social transformation which leads to underdevelopment of the youth in various sectors,” she stated.

Mootu, with certainty and zest, said people can expect a fireball in parliament. “We can no longer be diplomatic with some of these issues, with some of the leaders. We need to be radical for the leaders
to be held accountable,” she said.

Issues on top of the priority list also include land, gender-based violence, agricultural reform, advocate for legal reform in terms of creating more strict punishment for perpetrators of corruption,
the population in terms of persons living with disabilities and many other pertinent issues.

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