• July 18th, 2019
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Tobias dismayed by NPBWCB appeal verdict

Staff Reporter Windhoek-Boxing promoter Nestor Tobias of MTC Nestor Sunshine Promotions says he is not happy with the response from the Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB) on the outcome of a recent appeal submitted by him. Last month during the ‘No Mercy Part 7’ Boxing Bonanza in Windhoek, featherweight boxer Onesmus Nekundi, a protégé of the MTC Sunshine Promotions stable, lost his national featherweight title to Kennedy Imalwa under questionable circumstances. Nekundi, who was dominating the contest, saw the fight stopped by referee Ricky Tshabalala in round seven, when his opponent (Imalwa) was unable to continue due to an accidental headbutt between the two fighters. But the referee ruled the incident as an “intentional headbutt” on the part of Nekundi and declared Imalwa the eventual new champion– a decision that was strongly objected to by Tobias and subsequently led to an appeal to have the decision revoked by the NPBWCB. But the boxing board did not entertain the appeal, indicating to Tobias that the current boxing Act does not allow for appeals against officials or their decisions and that they would rather recommend a rematch between the two boxers. Tobias said: “We submitted a comprehensive appeal to the boxing board to rectify this ruling based on video evidence. Firstly, the boxing board is responsible for appointing the officials, and secondly they have the authority to reverse any decision because they are the supreme authority to whom all officials report. We were however shocked by the response that the Act does not allow for appeals. It is standard practice in international boxing that the boxing board is responsible for appointing officials, so how can the board not allow a promoter to appeal a decision taken by their official?” “It is standard practice that every boxing board must have an Appeals Committee and allow for appeals because if such a committee is not in place, officials can do as they please without any repercussions. Also, it is also standard practice that the board has the power to overturn a decision once they have reason that the appeal has merits.” Tobias is of the opinion that even if the Namibian boxing Act is outdated, local boxing is still bound and guided by international boxing rules and hence they can be applied in such circumstances. Tobias says that in principle he does not have any objection to a rematch, but he feels that the fight must be declared a “No Contest” so that it does not affect Nekundi’s record and title – and when the rematch takes place Nekundi enters the ring as the reigning national champion.
New Era Reporter
2017-12-05 10:05:34 1 years ago

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