• July 16th, 2019
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Top breed small stock to go under the hammer

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Farmers Forum

Staff Reporter WINDHOEK - Small stock auctions come and go, but in the first week of July every year, breeders in search of the best genetics converge from all over the country, to the capital to sample superior quality on offer at the annual production auction of the Coetzee brothers Zirk and Xico, and guest sellers. This Thursday, buyers will once again flock to the Namboer pens with close to 200 of the finest Boer goats, Van Rooys, Persians, Veldmasters, Kalahari Reds, Damaras and Savannas as the main attractions. With guest sellers Francois van Rensburg, Wyckert van Staden and Willem Janzen van Vuuren. This takes place at 12H00, and according to Xico, potential buyers are in for a big surprise with offsprings of “to die-for genetics” on offer. They include 55 Boer goats, 50 Van Rooys, 25 Kalahari reds, 25 Damaras, 15 Persians, 10 Veldmasters and 13 Savannas. Xico assures that all rams are tested for militenses and ovis and Boer goats for fertility. “Fierce bidding in all categories is expected with exceptionally high average prices. The quality we are about to offer was demonstrated earlier this year, when an immaculate Boer goat ram of Zirk fetched the highest price of the day - a cool N$50 000. Hans Puahee from the Otjzondupa Region forked out N$50 000 for the Boer goat ram and sees it as the best investment he has ever made to guarantee future genetics of the highest quality roaming on his smallholding farm,” Xico comments. Boer goat rams are expected to dominate with high prices and there is also a strong interest in Savannah rams with one of their animals fetching N$ 8 000 recently. Breeders and buyers are expected to go all out to buy the best quality as such splendid genetics can carry small stock farmers for a long time when circumstances are in their favour like this year with above average grazing. The Coetzee brothers inform that the correct selection for pairing of animals is during the mating season which is of vital importance in search of high quality genetics. “We have a responsibility to guide prospective buyers and producers on their choice of ram and ewe material, in order to increase production in their herds,” they noted.
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2018-07-03 09:16:18 1 years ago

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