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Top Cheri inks deal with Mshasho Apparel

2021-10-05  Staff Reporter

Top Cheri inks deal with Mshasho Apparel
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Congratulations are on order for Top Cheri who has inked a new deal with King Tee Dee’s company, Mshasho Apparel.

As she continues to secure the bag, it is no secret that Top Cheri is a gem admired by most. The steps she has taken in her career are definitely ones worth celebrating. Ever since she rose to superstardom, she has been working hard to secure the bag and remain relevant.

 King Tee Dee recently unveiled a mono-black Ethan shoe, and Top Cheri took to her Twitter account to share that she had to cancel her vacation to sign this important deal with him.

 Top Cheri’s fashion followers would know that it’s one of her favourite shoes and is worth buying.

 She has been winning in several aspects of her life and we are here for it. While she was just starting out in her career, she worked as a journalist for a local newspaper. She has always been drawn to music, and despite her shyness, couldn’t ignore it.

 Top Cheri used to be a backup singer for King Tee Dee, whom she credits with inspiring her to pursue a career in music. She recalled how she used to perform to some of his songs: “By that time, I was known as Monica Morocky… but singing was not something I thought I would take on because I was very shy. I also ended up hanging around a lot with Dion from PDK.”

She has always been a fan of King Tee Dee, even during her school days. 

Recently, she opened up about her relationship with her late father who was not present in her life, and said when she was still at school, she would lie that her father was King Tee Dee.

 “As a child, I would lie to people that my father was The Dogg because I didn’t know my father. Told em my father can’t come to parent meetings because he was a superstar. Monica Morocky was the name. Happy birthday to my imaginary childhood father. One day I will meet you,” wrote Top Cheri.

 Although she is a strong woman, she is often touched by the negativity on social media. She later released a statement on social media apologising, and said she is struggling with depression.

 “Apologies for that premature announcement on Thursday regarding ‘quitting’. Like many others, if not all entertainers, I have been fighting battles with depression and battles of normalising and adjusting to the new normal. Nobody wants to talk about it, I guess because in Namibia mental health is a ‘sensitive issue’.”


2021-10-05  Staff Reporter

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