• September 29th, 2020

Top trending - Balancing the microphone and stethoscope

We all have fantasies with our favourite artists, some want to have deep conversations about business with Jay Z or P Diddy, others wouldn’t mind being locked up in a studio with DJ Castro or being stuck in an elevator or on an escalator next to Big Ben or even Chikune.

But what about being treated in a hospital by Dr Lioness, God forbid, it’s not a severe sickness, just mild flu or some slight allergies. The top trending clip is from BBC News Africa who recently profiled La-Toya Mwoombola, also known as Lioness or simply Dr Lioness.

The 2:06 long clip released on 4 June 2020 has garnered more than 26 000 views on Twitter with some local music enthusiasts dazed or caught off-guard on the news that the rapper is indeed a doctor. On Facebook, the clip is clocking at 191 000 views. 
Dr Lioness who is a rapper and a medical intern at the Katutura Hospital shared some insights on how it feels to be one of the key workers in the country in light of the novel coronavirus. “We (doctors) are pressured with working double shifts and when other doctors go into isolation, we are always happy to fill the spots because our priority is the patients,” she said.

What propelled her to venture into medicine is the urge and need to care for people. “I love to help people, it was one of those things of how can I help my community and due to the shortage of doctors, I deliberated on how I can give back to the community,” she explained. 
The ‘Tala’ hitmaker further said her music-producer sister (Gina Geanz) influenced her to start making music. “She was at home experimenting with weird programmes, so I tried to sing but it was horrible and then I decided to start rapping,” Dr Lioness recalled. 
Due to her support base mostly consisting of women, she has made it a point to generate musical content around motivating women, enlightening them on being comfortable in their skin, mental health issues and body positivity.

She said her contribution to music and her position, as a doctor will enable her to make opportunities for Namibians and show the country to the world.

Dr Lioness obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree at the University of Namibia in 2018 and has to date released Eps and two albums, Pride of CilQ in 2018 and this year, Wish You Were Here. 

Paheja Siririka
2020-06-12 11:44:05 | 3 months ago


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