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Top Trending - Bishop /Kheib’s homily on loneliness

2020-09-11  Paheja Siririka

Top Trending - Bishop /Kheib’s homily on loneliness
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The top trending clip on our radar this week is of Bishop Sageus /Kheib of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN), who presided over a wedding reception saying: “You should have a problem with being alone for so long .’’
he told entertainment now! yesterday  the clip in circulation happened about two or three years ago and he was enlightening those in attendance to always find someone because Adam had have Eve by his side as a companion.

What Bishop is trying to encourage is that it is not right for individuals to roam around alone because even Jesus was bothered by it. “The Lord, himself, found it an issue or problem to be roaming around alone and you should be bothered by being alone,” he strongly pointed out in Khoe-Khoegowab.
Bishop /Kheib’s sermon at the reception was with so much grace and humour, as he passionately spoke about the importance of unions. The clip has garnered more than 10 000 views on Facebook, about 500 comments, and shares reaching more than 350.

Heinrich Hafeni supported the sentiments of the bishop and said: “My Bishop, we miss you.” Journalist, Lee Garises said: “Bishop /Kheib must provide the men and women we must marry because we want to do what God wants. We want to comply with biblical orders.”
With his passionate way of speaking and smashing the portable podium, which led to Charles Tjituka asking, “Maar kry daai hand nie seer?”, which translates to ‘isn’t his hand getting sore’ from Afrikaans.
Hiskia Hafeni Nashuuta said if only he knew how they struggle in terms of finding that companion…
Interesting sermon from Bishop /Kheib; all we can say is AMASE!

2020-09-11  Paheja Siririka

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