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Top Trending - Monica dines with Monica

2021-02-19  Paheja Siririka

Top Trending - Monica dines with Monica
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The top trending story since last week from the social media streets is of the overzealous musician Monica Pinias, popularly known as Top Cheri, who took First Lady Monica Geingos out for lunch at a well-known eatery in the capital.
Top Cheri shared details on how she prepared herself to meet the first lady – and as always, protocol took precedence. 
“There were three guards: one was to sanitise me, the other to check the gift I got
for her, and the last one to check me,” she said with amusement.

She said: “The first lady finally walked in and I told myself I am not going to be formal and all protocol observed and whatnot, and told myself to be the same energetic person I have always been. To my surprise, homegirl (Geingos)’s energy was beyond my expectations”.
Top Cheri told Entertainment Now! everything went smooth until it was time to order at this fancy-yet-chilled eatery uptown. 
“I am a typical Omwambo girl, so if I am hungry, Sai’s Kitchen and Pepata are as
luxurious as it gets. I am a kapana girl, so the first lady ordered on top of her head; she didn’t even look at the menu. She said all of these weird names – the only thing I heard was sushi – and she loves loves sushi,” discovered Top Cheri.

She added: “I also decided to be that girl kutja I am not going to check the menu and I told the waiter to get me chips and wings, and the waiter was apologetic and said they don’t sell wings there, which made me consult the menu, so I was not classy like that anymore. The thing about this menu is its just names man – a lot of fancy names. We are used to seeing pictures, so I read the name snit-something and I thought it was chicken Schnitzel.”
 She said, when the plate came, she was embarrassed. 
“First of all, I know I am a G.O.A.T but not this type of goat; there was a young grass situation that had three pieces of fish on that plate. So, I told the
First Lady that I don’t eat in the morning and I will have it as take-  away. I could see it in her eyes that she wanted to laugh at me; that expression that homegirl is from the Tura and ordered something she knows nothing of,” historically narrated Top Cheri.
She captioned her Facebook post, which is circulating on all platform, as: I had such an amazing time today! I took the First Lady out for lunch and we spoke for three whole hours – what a force. It’s indeed going to be a good 2021! Let’s buckle up.

2021-02-19  Paheja Siririka

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