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Top trending - Neville reminisces with Milli Vanilli

2021-04-16  Paheja Siririka

Top trending - Neville reminisces with Milli Vanilli
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The top trending rib-cracking clip of the week is of local comedian and corporate honcho Neville Basson favouriten who was reminiscing on the good olden days with Milli Vanilli’s famous 1988 hit Girl I’m Gonna Miss You with emphasis on the tone and accent he sang the song.

The accent projected by some Ovaherero people comes out very strong and the comedian is not holding back, especially in the chorus: “It’s a tragedy for me to see the dream is over and I will never forget the day we met, Girl I’m Gonna Miss You”. Speaking to VIBEZ! Neville Basson said he matriculated at Augustineum in 1990 when the song was very popular amongst students. “This song was released in 1989, it was quite the hit at school at the time and of course Club Thriller, our favourite weekend spot in Katutura. My “95 unleaded” Herero friends at school would sing the song with so much emotion, without realising the “Omaere flaw” in their tunes. Being the observational comedian I am, I would quietly laugh about it. … until now,” he confessed.

Milli Vanilli was a German-French R&B duo from Munich. The group was founded by Frank Farian in 1988 and consisted of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus.

They were one of the most popular pop acts in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Things went nasty for the group when it was discovered that Morvan and Pilatus did not sing any of their releases, which ultimately means Neville vocally did justice to the song than them.

The duo returned their Grammy award for Best New Artist. They recorded a comeback album in 1998 titled Back and in Attack, but its release was cancelled after Rob Pilatus died at the age of 33.

For what it is worth and with the current times flying by, it seems the older generation will have those classics on their playlists forever.

2021-04-16  Paheja Siririka

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