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Top TrEnding - Quaden Bayles’s bullying gets worldwide attention

2020-02-28  Paheja Siririka

Top TrEnding - Quaden Bayles’s bullying gets worldwide attention

An Australian boy living with dwarfism captivated the world after his mother posted a distressing video showing the impacts of bullying, especially in schools. The heartbreaking video quickly went viral after being posted last week and has since garnered millions of views on social media platforms.

“I have just picked up my son from school and witnessed a bullying episode, rang the principal and I want people to know. Parents, educators, teachers, these are the effects of what bullying does,” said Quaden’s mother, while taking a video of him crying.

Quaden can be heard saying: I am going to kill myself. The mother urged parents to educate their children, families and friends. “All it takes is one more instance and you wonder why kids are killing themselves,” she said in the clip that has received close to two million views on YouTube.

“I just want someone to kill me right now,” says the boy, with the mother continuing with: This is the impact that bullying has on a nine-year-old. So is there anything that parents have to raise disability awareness and education in school so that this does not happen? she questioned.

The mother said she had to keep an eye on him because of the suicide attempt and since then, Namibians on social media have come forth stating that: Parents, if your kid bullies mine, I will come and beat and your kid, teach your kids manners.

Celebrities across the world including Hugh Jackman have sent messages of comfort to the Bayles. “Quaden, you are stronger then you know mate, no matter what, you have a friend in me. Everyone must be kind to one another. Bullying is not ok,” said Hughman.
Because of the social media escapade, Quaden led Australia’s Indigenous All-Stars rugby league team out onto the field in their game with the Maori All-Stars in Queensland on Saturday.


2020-02-28  Paheja Siririka

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