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Top trending - Riky Rick gets licky licked

2021-05-28  Paheja Siririka

Top trending - Riky Rick gets licky licked
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The clip doing rounds on social media this week is of a local partygoer, who was seen licking Riky Rick’s shoes at a popular hangout spot in the capital over the weekend.

 Rikhado Makhado, known professionally as Riky Rick, is a South African rapper, songwriter, singer, composer, actor, entrepreneur, fashion designer and the founder and owner of the record label Cotton Club Records.

 In the clip, the young energetic avid fan can be seen appreciating the musician’s presence, gazing up at him while he was performing on stage.

 She was then seen licking Riky Rick’s shoes several times while he was on stage.

 A WhatsApp conversation between the yet unidentified young woman and another person, presumably a friend, is also circulating.


The conversation went as follows:

Friend: What was going on?

Fan: I love him, mahnnnn. Plus, I was drunk. I drank Remi Martin alone.

Friend: But why lick the shoes?

Fan: idk [I don’t know] the guy is fineeeee.

 VIBEZ! tried to get hold of the fan but attempts proved futile. 

 Before Riky Rick, other international artists who have performed in Namibia this year include Blaq Diamond, Nadai Nakai, DJ Obza, Focalistic, Kamo Mpela, Robot Boii, Oskido, Nokwazi. 

 Professor and Pex Africa are also expected in Namibia soon.



2021-05-28  Paheja Siririka

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