• September 26th, 2020

Top Trending: Runaway Groom

 Paheja Siririka

The country was twirled in shock when the story of a bride getting arrested on her wedding day surfaced, with the groom allegedly leaving her behind as they are presumed to have contravened the state of emergency regulations.
The ceremony which took place at Eengete village in Ogongo constituency of the Omusati region saw the police raiding the wedding saying the number of people was extremely more than the required number as per the regulations.
 Regional commander Titus Shikongo said there was no register for the attendees or handwashing provision made.
  “We found people over 100, there were no registers, no handwashing provisions made. This poses a huge health risk to everyone in attendance,” Shikongo stressed.
The attitude of the groom, although no one knows what transpired, was not well received by the public for leaving his darling behind. 
“What kind of a husband leaves his wife at the altar, what happened to through thick and thin?” acquired a Tweep (a person who is on Twitter)
Maya05376370 said: “Okay and the guy who hosted a party while waiting for his results, was he also arrested because in this cases, he did it on purpose?” twitted Maya05376370, referring to the JP Karuaihe party spree.
@NiilingeSelma tweeted: “Was all this necessary? Couldn’t they have issued a warning or just something? Do you know what this couple went through for their wedding to be a success? At least bail will do. Namibian police remain a disappointing crew. Sadly yes.
The newlywed was released on warning and given an option to either pay a fine of N$2 000 or to appear in court.
@malakia chirped that people must learn to adhere to the state of emergency regulations. “Thumbs up Nampol.”
- psiririka@nepc.com.na

Paheja Siririka
2020-08-28 12:45:42 | 28 days ago

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