• December 3rd, 2020

Top Trending - The wig that landed a vendor in trouble

The top trending clip on our radar is of a vegetable vendor who attacked a police officer when told to vacate an area where she was selling her goods, which prompted her to rip off the wig of the officer.

The clip garnered more than 72 000 views on Facebook, more than 500 comments, close to 400 shares since its upload over the weekend. The brawl happened in Independence Avenue in the capital to a full view of passers-by and other vendors.  
City Police Chief Abraham Kanime told Entertainment Now! that the woman in question attacked the officer and a case was opened against her. “The officer opened a case against the vendor because she attacked her,” outlined Kanime.

The video widely shared on social media platforms shows a male and female officer who are trying to restrain the vendor from taking her vegetable trolley as she is presumed to have contravened the regulations.
Kanime outlined that more than ten people were found surrounding her trolley, which contravenes regulations of stage three of the state of emergency regarding the gathering of people and she was requested to stop selling her fruits and vegetables. Comments on Facebook supported the vendor’s cause as people felt she didn’t deserve to be manhandled the way she was. 

Hermes Phina Roger said: “Job is the job, police officer must learn to respect people. This is what the President said once, don’t overuse your power. The police lady started it first, was it necessary to push her or even that man standing on top of her goods? No! Treat people with respect and dignity all the time.”
“And yet another Namibian trying to make an honest living, providing for her family. She will no go hungry because of a simple act performed by a simple police officer. Receiving full-pay,” posted Neels Grimbeek .

A riveting comment came from Allendinho Katambo Jr, who posted: “There are more than 10 people in Pep Store, Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite to name a few but you won’t see those uneducated officers in those shops man handling managers or supervisors. But when it comes to struggling people on the streets, it's a big issue for front pages. Namibia is just too corrupt to the core. #period.”
–     psiririka@nepc.com.na


Paheja Siririka
2020-09-04 13:10:58 | 2 months ago


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