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Top trending: Top Cheri’s experience of being 'allested'

2020-05-22  Paheja Siririka

Top trending: Top Cheri’s experience of being 'allested'
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Local artist, Monika Pinias, known as Top Cheri trended this week after a horrible encounter with the law took the social media streets. The ‘’Hangover’’ hitmaker narrated the whole ordeal in the most artistic way possible to enlighten her supporters on what exactly unfolded.
She was scheduled to perform at The Sunny Boy Online Concert but things didn’t go as planned. “I arrived there, sat by the braai area going through my bag and so I gave the DJ my performance list, I was ready to kill it. I reached into my bag, for my stick (USB), I look up and it looked like Christmas because all I saw was lights and lights. A second or two later, I hear this: wiwiwiwwiwiwi,” recounted the then confused and chilled artist in a post.

“My bru (brother), one uncle holding a cricket bat walked straight to me and asked if I was drinking to which I replied no, as I don’t drink alcohol, ” recalled Top Cheri.

She said, out of the blue, a female officer demanded those present should all be arrested. “Allest them all. Allest them. They think they are special. Allest them,” said Top Cheri, further recounting how they were driven to the police station.
“So I got into the police van and to those who don’t know, there is no place to hold onto. Guys, the amkhalo (Baster or coloured driver) was driving that van like I don’t know. We were falling on each other, in each other,” concluded Top Cheri.

She hinted that for the rest of the information, she is going to make a movie dubbed the “No Show” to spill the real tea (juicy additional information) about what unfolded at the police station when they arrived and she is looking for actors.
The event in narration is of the many party-goers, including well know musicians, who were apprehended by police last Saturday at a popular hangout spot in the capital for violating the Covid-19 regulations by gathering at a night club with a common purpose of music entertainment, trading liquor and refused to keep distance when directed to do so by authorised officers.


2020-05-22  Paheja Siririka

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