• October 25th, 2020

Top Trending - Was Die Skottels by Yung Kavin

The top trending clip is hailing from the coastal town of Swakopmund of young artists and dancers dancing to the tune of Was Die Skottels.
The song is a concept from dancer Koloko King, well known as Gustawo Huseb and Yung Kavin, officially known as Paulus Kavindja.
“We were just sitting and fooling around and remembering the good old days when folks would say ‘what are you doing here, are the dishes washed’,” recalled Yung Kavin on how the making of the song came about.

The 0:22 long clip was shared on social media and received hilarious shares and comments some finding it humorous and others, as usual thinking it’s a big joke. “Its a stress-free and feel-good song, I am surprised by the reactions on social media but it’s good to instill some laughs in people now and then,” shared Yung Kavin.

On this project, Yung Kavin and Koloko King worked with the Tak Tak’s Finest. The video shows the young energetic dancers with a green 25-litre jar of water washing what looks like cups in a big basin with catchy lyrics in Afrikaans saying “Was dai skottels, gooi dai water and sit in die seep dan was die skottels” which means wash the dishes, put in water and soap and wash those dishes.
All of this is happening right in the middle of the street in Swakopmund.

The Usakos born is an afro-pop artist based in Swakopmund and has an EP dropping on 27 September 2020. “I have an exciting EP which I will be releasing to the public before the end of the month, preferably 27 September. It’s called Galaxy of Melodies, I can’t wait for it to be out there,” he excitedly shared.
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Paheja Siririka
2020-09-25 12:35:37 | 1 months ago

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