• August 13th, 2020

TOP TRENDING: Webster Snewe driving a wire car

The top trending clip for this week is of local entertainer Webster Snewe who was seen driving a toy car made from wires. The clip which has garnered more than 6 000 views and 170 shares brought back memories with many on social media stating that today’s kids don’t know how to have fun.

“lag, mati, dis waar vandag se kids keni die lekker speel goed nie- Laugh out loud, it is true, today’s children don’t know toys, ” posted Willem Coleman. In the 21 seconds video, Snewe can be heard saying: ‘’Okombahe is also a bay, a wire car is also a car’’.

The clip which was uploaded by Jochen Somaeb made a lot of people reflect on life and reminiscing on the good old days. “Makes me think of the olden days in Tses where we use to drive wired cars. It’s good Webster plays with them, it shows that we were all kids and this is where my love for cars started,” commented Alosius J Philander.

Another Facebook user, Quinton Zine-Tavius Hamann said: Some of us will never grow up and I mean it, literally!

Don’t be shy to drive a wire car if you have to. It’s always good to reminisce on the good times. Entertainment Now! tried to get hold of Snewe but attempts proved futile. 

Paheja Siririka
2020-03-06 11:03:22 | 5 months ago

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