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‘Traumatised’ Hamutenya hints at withdrawing charges

2021-12-01  Loide Jason

‘Traumatised’ Hamutenya hints at withdrawing charges
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Loide Jason 

Aletta Shikololo


Former Mr Gay Namibia Wendelinus Hamutenya says he became a victim of domestic violence for reportedly buying his husband Immanuel Jeremiah a less valued cell phone valued at N$7 000. 

This, he said, was against the wishes of his husband, who demanded a cell phone worth N$15 000.

Hamutenya, who was reportedly stabbed four times by Jeremiah following the fallout, explained he had bought a Samsung Galaxy cell phone for his husband even though he initially wanted the latest version of the similar phone, which is currently fetching N$15 000 on the market. 

The incident occurred on Monday evening at their Katutura home after the husband registered his dissatisfaction about the “less valued” phone. 

“He demanded the phone which has four cameras and insisted that the one I bought is of less value, but a cell phone I bought is a substitute of what he wanted and it is the latest Samsung Galaxy,” Hamutenya told New Era from his hospital bed. He further added later in the day, while they were on their way home from their businesses, Hamutenya received a text message from an unknown number that reads “I miss you, when can I see you.” His husband apparently then accused him of having intentions of giving the phone he initially wanted to the unidentified message sender, leading to another domestic skirmish between the two. “The fight then erupted while we were in the kitchen, he grabbed the phone and smashed it against the wall and accused me of cheating on him. He then later attacked me and I ran to the bedroom and locked myself inside. He broke down the door and forced entry to beat me. He stabbed me here three times (pointing on the wound on his left arm) and once on the nipple,” he narrated. The gay activist who was still emotional by the time New Era visited him in the Katutura state hospital yesterday morning, described his husband as abusive and ungrateful. “This is uncalled for. What he did to me is not a good thing. I give him valuable things he demands, including a car and mobile phones but he still opts to hurt me. I know he was under the influence of alcohol and I am sure he is regretting but I still love him,” he said. The couple has been dating for six years after marrying each other in South Africa a little over a year ago. They have since adopted a son. Hamutenya admitted their relationship has been on an uphill battle for years even though they publicly embrace each other. “We have our fair share of challenges just like any other relationship and although we fight at times, it has never gotten to this point of injuring one another. I am still very emotional and traumatised,” he said. He also hinted at withdrawing the charges against his “lovely” husband. “After the situation normalised, we will then have to sit with our families to determine the way forward. For now, he is just detained for the safety of the child and myself. I strongly want him to learn a lesson from this incident,” he narrated.

Khomas crime investigations coordinator Nikolaus Kupembona confirmed that Hamutenya registered a case of attempted murder.

“The suspect was arrested on the same day and is expected to appear today (Wednesday). The CR 577/11/21 case is registered at Wanaheda police station where the suspect is detained,” he said. 


Domestic violence and abuse affect every demographic and community – including LGBTQ people, however, Hamutenya believes that LGBTQ victims and the discrimination they face surrounding their identities – often make them hesitant to seek help from police, hospitals, shelters, the very resources that are supposed to help them.

“Violence is very high within the gay community and many people do not know about it because victims tend to shy away or become hesitant to report the crimes to the relevant authorities because our rights are not recognised,” he said.

Expressing the same sentiments, human rights activist Ndiilo Nthengwe said Namibia’s combating of Domestic Violence Amendment Bill excludes same-sex couples from the same protection order procedure as heterosexual relationships. 

“Hamutenya and many other victims of domestic violence in the LGBTQI+ community may not benefit equally from this law,” she said.

Nthengwe slammed the authorities for removing protection for the LGBTQI+ community from the amendment Bill.

“Not only would they have kept it, but they should also have strengthened it, recognising the dignity and vulnerability of such a minority community,” she said.







2021-12-01  Loide Jason

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