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Tribute - Gaob Afrikaner was a leader of great consequence

2021-07-06  Staff Reporter

Tribute - Gaob Afrikaner was a leader of great consequence
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Bernadus Swartbooi


As we lay to rest another gallant son of the soil, Gaob Eduard Afrikaner of the Afrikaner Traditional Authority, I, the Leader of the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) and the entire LPM leadership and supporters are struck with a deep sense of grief and loss on his passing.  

Gaob Afrikaner, who was also a member of the Nama Traditional Leaders’ Association, was ordained as the chief of the Afrikaner tribe in 2016. 

He distinguished himself as a man of silent strength, wisdom and humility. He was a leader of great consequence. 

Not only was he a great asset to the Nama people but also to the entire Namibia. 

Although very soft spoken, his decision making process was very thorough and his commitment in service of humanity was unquestionably solid. 

He had an in depth understanding of Nama customs and culture. 

His analytical qualities and approach towards problem solving with a strategic mind was a clear reminder of the Afrikaner tribe’s rich and unlimited heritage. 

With sorrow and sadness, we will always remember him as a great leader who, until his last breath, relentlessly and selflessly fought for his people, for the restitution of the descendants of victims of genocide and the restoration of the dignity of his people and all-encompassing unity. 

Gaob Afrikaner was a teacher by profession for many years.

 He never imposed decisions and did not see the need for causing unnecessary pain, but was focused on ensuring that there was always a shared and/or fair understanding amongst peers and subordinates. 

His departure is a huge void for the people of Namibia, the Afrikaner Traditional Authority and the genocide committee.

 We are honoured and blessed to have known him for he was truly a blessing to us. On behalf of the LPM, we extend our heartfelt condolences to his wife, family and the entire Namibian nation.

  However, let it be known that we shall never waver in our fight for reparation and restitution by the German Federal Government. 

We shall continue to intensify the fight with the knowledge that our people in Namibia and in the diaspora shall never accept Germany and Namibia’s bilateral agreements for development aid, masqueraded as reparation, as that has never served the interest of communities that were directly targeted for extermination. 

We shall continue to demand reparation and pass on the baton to future generations as long as the Namibian and German governments continue to decide our fate without direct involvement of the affected communities. 

May the spirit of our ancestors never rest and guide us until the civilised world one day recognises that Germany inflicted great losses on us and must pay for their crimes against humanity. May the decent soul of Gaob Afrikaner rest in eternal peace as he joins the ages.

2021-07-06  Staff Reporter

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