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Trigger-happy partners to lose gun licences

2022-07-12  Eveline de Klerk

Trigger-happy partners to lose gun licences

WALVIS BAY – Licensed gun carriers, whether a civilian or law enforcement official, using a firearm to intimidate their partners or threaten others with a weapon, will lose the right to carry it if such incidents are reported to the police.

This stern warning was made by major-general Anne-Marie Nainda, the Namibian Police’s deputy inspector general for administration, on Saturday during the International Small Arms Destruction Day that was held at Walvis Bay.

 The government security cluster destroyed 5 532 firearms and 209 933 ammunition at their shooting range just outside Walvis Bay on Saturday.

Most of these weapons were used in murders and illicit crimes. 

A review of perceptions from the 2021/2022 Afrobarometer survey in Namibia, titled ‘Amid Progress on Women’s Rights’, indicated that violence against women is a common problem, and it “constitutes the most important women’s rights issue that government and society should address”.

Statistics, also released by the police in 2020, showed that between September 2019 and September 2020, over 5 000 cases of gender-based violence (GBV), 800 cases of rape and 74 femicides were reported countrywide. 

During that time, at least 100 murders were committed with firearms in Namibia, while 410 attempted murder cases were reported during the last three years.

Moreover, 11 086 robberies with firearms and 806 pointing of firearm cases were reported during the said time.

According to Nainda, GBV, particularly with the use of firearms, is a scourge in society and, therefore, called upon men and women, particularly spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends, to seek professional assistance when undergoing difficulties with their partners.

“Do not resort to acts of physical violence towards each other. Gone are the days that you will be allowed to carry a licenced firearm; if we receive any report of violence or threat of violence in a relationship. To this end, all police officers are, therefore, directed to ensure that those culprits finding themselves on the wrong side of the laws regulating the handling and use of firearms are brought to book and dealt with accordingly,” Nainda appealed.

Erongo governor Neville Andre also called upon the police to look at the psychological aspect of those applying for firearms as well as those in the forces.

“While we place a lot of emphasis on illegal or unlawfully possessed firearms, we must also bear in mind that violence is also committed with lawfully owned firearms, albeit on a lesser scale,” he said.

He added that crimes against women and children in Erongo are not as worrisome as in the rest of the country, but these crimes should remain a priority. 

“It is hurtful when a gun is used to commit an act of violence against a woman who is an intimate partner. Such acts are sometimes accompanied by suicide by the perpetrator. It is, therefore, important that partners interviewed in relation to a firearm license application should be honest about an inclination towards violence on the part of the applicant,” he said.

According to Andre, it is known that police officials, as part of the community, are not immune to committing such acts or being victims. 

He urged them to remain committed to ridding the country of all forms of crime.


2022-07-12  Eveline de Klerk

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