• July 21st, 2019
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Trump’s advisor keen to invest in Namibia

Front Page News
Front Page News

Albertina Nakale Windhoek-U.S. President Donald Trump’s Advisor on North Africa and the Sahel region, Christopher ‘Chris’ Cox, visited President Hage Geingob yesterday at State House, where he expressed interest in bringing investors to Namibia in the areas of manufacturing, energy and agriculture. Cox, who was in Namibia for a one-day visit, said he came in his personal capacity and therefore had no message from Trump. Although Cox and Geingob had a closed-door meeting, the U.S. investor said he came to Namibia because of its stable political system and conducive environment for economic development. Therefore, Cox said, he plans within the next year to bring U.S. investors and other business people around the world to take advantage of opportunities in the areas of manufacturing, energy and agriculture. “People in the United States and other places don’t realise this but there is going to be 450 million Sub-Saharan Africans who are going to enter the workforce over the next 20 years. As these demographic bolts occurs here, other populations around the world – in Europe, Japan and China – are going to fall off the demographic cliff,” Cox stated. He thus maintained there is a need to be moving economic development and grow Africa to create jobs. “Otherwise we will be left without jobs for those 450 million people, or else we will be left without hope.” He said he will be working in his personal capacity with businesses and friends in China who would like to have manufacturing closer to the United States. He added Namibia will be a great place to do that – being on the west coast of Africa it will mean faster shipping than from China. He said there are many success stories of Chinese businesses that have come to Africa and developed factories. “So, I want to work with the Chinese government and businesses to bring factories to Namibia. I feel good talking about a place like Namibia because the political system works so well here.” Although Cox is President Trump’s advisor on North Africa and the Sahel, he says he will be doing this investment in his personal capacity. He called on the international community to work together to bring jobs to Africa which will ultimately benefit the world through export markets. He said Geingob responded positively to his interest of bringing investment in various areas, which will create jobs for locals. Cox said he had no message from President Trump whom he described as a “family friend”, as he was visiting in his personal capacity. He promised that Namibia could within the next year see him bring investors from the U.S. and China in manufacturing, agriculture and energy. Furthermore, Cox said it’s critical to have the digital technological footprint, adding Africa is in a really good position, unlike the U.S. “It therefore makes Africa very competitive with the rest of the world. It will really help push economic development in Africa, so I think it’s critical that digital [technology] is made well and intelligent to lead to economic growth,” he said.
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