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Tswazis launch House Party project

2021-04-23  Paheja Siririka

Tswazis launch House Party project
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Tswazis duo, Eldricko Geiseb aka Eldazz and Reinhardt Pieters known as Raxa, recently launched an exclusive, all-expenses paid house party project during which they will host winners of an SMS competition with a live performance, DJ, food, drinks and a favourite celebrity guest.

The two said they owe Namibians a lot, hence the reason for creating a platform for locals to interact with the crew by hosting parties.

“We have supporters from all over the country - Opuwo, Keetmanshop, Rundu. We constantly have people asking when we are performing or visiting their towns and it’s a little difficult for us to go that’s how we came up with the exclusive house party with the Tswazis,” narrated Eldazz. He said this is the chance for them to show love and appreciation to their supporters.

“If you win this competition, this is the opportunity for us to go to your house and organise a party for you and your friends or family; we give you food and drinks,” he added. Raxa stated that supporters get to have a chill session with them. “We will be in your space, and you will be entertained in the comfort of your own home. We will be bringing a live DJ and everything will be done for you. All you have to do is bring your 10 people and yourself and the rest is sorted,” he said. The duo and organising team said no one is excluded from this so anyone can take part in the SMS competition, provided they are above 18 years old. “This is a special event and that is why we opened up an SMS line. We know Namibians like to party, so we trust that those who win will choose the right people who are fun,” Tswazis jokingly stated.

They will go anywhere, “even to the ghetto in Okuryangava, Havana”, and will strictly adhere to the Covid-19 regulations and rules. That is why they decided on 10 people per party only. The competition will run for three months.

“We don’t want to do something once-off, we want this to be a continuous project so that more people can have fun and experience Tswazis like never before,” shared Raxa.

The event is proudly funded by them. “We have been trying to get hold of cooperates but due to what’s happening now [Covid-19], it won’t work so we decided to start with what we have. You know they say to start with what you have and the rest will follow,” added Raxa.

Donald Doeseb, Tswazis’ house party campaign manager, said not everything has to be about money.  “We rock up with our team and host the party in the comfort of your home. Everything is on us. It is not always about making money. It’s about using what’s there. This is open to the whole nation to participate. We are trying to be innovative within the Covid-19 era,” commented Doeseb.

All one has to do is SMS “House Party” to 10010. SMSs are charged at N$3 on the MTC network only. The draw date is 31 May 2020.


2021-04-23  Paheja Siririka

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