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Tswazis live music show to go countrywide

2020-07-06  Paheja Siririka

Tswazis live music show to go countrywide
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Tswazis, which hosted their winter bash in the capital to a captivating audience, informed Entertainment Now! that they are planning on being inclusive and with time spread out to the rest of the country, starting with Okahandja at a date to be announced.
Tswazis hosted a Winter Bash at Trinity Lounge and Restaurant with Jaliza over the weekend and had the crowd fast on their feet and singing along to all the songs they performed including Pray which has close to half a million views on YouTube.
“The show was fruitful, we enjoyed ourselves, and the crowd loved it as well, we had Jaliza with us and that was a great experience.” 
The duo performed 14 of their biggest ballads for over an hour which included hits like ‘Pray’, ‘Digaga’, ‘No Worries’, ‘Think of you’ featuring Tate Buti and ‘Swaai’ with Adora.

The group had intimate moments with the supporters, especially with songs like Pray, Khaima, as they are motivational and heartening where supporters could be seen singing along to.
The group which consists of Raxa and Eldazz said organising this event for the first time with new restrictions made them more cautious and urged event organisers to be extra careful and be all hands on decks when it comes to hosting events during this period. 
“First-hand experience, all we can say is, organisers should adhere to the restrictions to make sure everything is in order and all will be well. We usually perform to a much larger crowd but rules are rules and need to be followed,” they mentioned.
The duet further said the priority now is the safety and wellbeing of their supporters to always enable them to abide by the rules so that they can attend many of their events that are still in the pipeline.

2020-07-06  Paheja Siririka

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