• June 17th, 2019
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Two books launch at National Library

The National Library of Namibia sees a double launch of two books by Namibian authors, Goodwill Domingues and Renatus Imalwa, this Friday in Windhoek.

These are A Code Named Progress and Kanime. The two books are from two diverse creations and are meant to explore the interest of both fiction and non-fiction lovers. Kanime is a fiction based on a little boy from the Uukwambi cultural group of the Oshiwambo-speaking people who finds himself discovering many secrets of these people. The book is set to be part of a continuous series of five books and it is packed with adventure and an escapade of revealing dynamics of the ancient world.

A Code Named Progress is non-fiction book that explores the many aspects of life regarding the human mind and ideas that keep people ever struggling to make major shifts in their experience of life. The book makes mind-grappling claims regarding the human condition and surfaces many sensitive areas of life. The book has many stories surrounding reality and what it truly means to live a life filled with expectation and triumph. Julius David, founder of Windhoek Group of Companies, has written the foreword.

Goodwill Domingues is a Review bestselling author with his debut book ‘The Philosophy of Progress’ while Renatus Imalwa is debut author of the book ‘Kanime – The Tribes Little Warrior’. The two books will be launched and presented by Luis Munana who is also the creative director of the event.

People from all walks of life are expected to attend the event in numbers with performances by ML (Maria Lisa), Samuel Ngodji (previously known as Quondja), Hilifa 94 and upcoming artist Anna Shalihu. Tickets for the double launch are priced at N$300, available for reservation at truthtonep@gmail.com which includes both books and a dinner to make the night memorable.

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2018-08-20 09:27:27 9 months ago

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