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Ubunifu Space critics PDK’s Saka

2020-02-07  Paheja Siririka

Ubunifu Space critics PDK’s Saka
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The top trending clip is from a UK based music video critiquing group which analysed a local song, ‘Saka’ by PDK featuring Athawise, Top Cheri and King Elegant.

Ubunifu is made up of two teams, based in London, UK and Nairobi, Kenya. Space is a digital space where they showcase and share the different sounds which encompass creative arts.
What stunned the six judges was the choreography, the costume, the little boy. 

Bryan from Nigeria said after reviewing ‘Chelete’ by Gazza, ‘Saka’ is better. “I was more engaged with the video than the song. I would definitely listen to it again,” said Tonye.

David, another commentary said the production of the piece was top notch. “Everything including the dancing was eye-catching. The way the camera was moving, everything was at the top,” said David.
The overall rating was an eight out of ten.

Saka is the third Namibian song to critique by Ubunifu Space, previously they critiqued KP Illest’s ‘Okay Okay’ and Gazza’s ‘Chelete’.

To date, ‘Saka’ has gangrened more than half a million views on YouTube and the views continue to rise.

2020-02-07  Paheja Siririka

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