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Uncommon sense - Give us this day, the true knowledge of self

2021-08-06  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon sense - Give us this day, the true knowledge of self

Man, in his struggle with his identity, has resorted to seeking acceptance from others, except himself. Even when asked who she or he is, he would refer to his/her name, title, social status or what she or he does. Naturally, this should be unacceptable but, in a world deprived of true knowledge of self, one’s identity is left at the discretion of those whoever is appointed or self-appointed to grant them so.

It would be sad for any man, regardless of all attributes and values, to have achieved everything and be well acquainted with everything else except himself. In fact, it is only not sad but a great disaster. This is because, in the absence of the true knowledge of the self, one is unaware of her or his innate and inherent greatest power. She or he walks the earth in self-pity and lays in the bed of helplessness. She or he is no better than a great master with might power who becomes a victim of not only ignorance but a lack of self-awareness.

Man is fascinated by stories and tales of great men and women. She or he listens or reads such stories of the greatness of others yet she or he does not know that, with proper information and guidance, she or he could do even do greater things. The thought that those whose stories are told are special people and of a rare breed shuts of every possibility of tapping into the power that lies within.

Not only that man has no realization and belief in the power that lies within but to those who this realization may have come to have totally missed the bus. A little tap into that power becomes an obsession. She or he forgets that there lies even more power than the little that she or he may have tested. After witnessing its might, capabilities, and possibilities, she or he becomes selfish and uses it only for self-gain.

It is in the pit of self-gain where every drop of using the power for the greater good disappears. It is in this realm where the power that is to be harnessed for self-control instead is wielded in the control of others. It is in this darkness where the natural functions of reason and discernment become corrupt and dysfunctional. Since every action bear consequence, when man tries to be God, there would be no better consequences than suffering and destruction. In the absence of rightful thinking, psychopathy becomes reasonable and even the suffering of others becomes her or his amusement.


 By Karlos TheGreat


Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka

2021-08-06  Karlos Naimwhaka

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