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Uncommon Sense - Only love will save us in 2023

2022-12-16  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon Sense - Only love will save us in 2023

Since the world’s recent emphasis has not been about anything other than using the symbol of love for the sexualisation of society, the love for humankind has become a scarce commodity.  We have seen how, in the past few years, the only thing that the world needs the most has almost gone extinct.  We, as a people, have become more polarised and divided than ever. Although this division and polarisation has not even one benefit for the collective but the self-selected few, we, the people, have been accomplices to our own detriment.

First, all systems are divisive and separative by design.  They have been strategically and subliminally concocted to ensure the cementing of an inherent, if not innate, divisive nature into the mental faculties of all. This has seemingly worked well so far that at the very second of being awake, we see more differences than similarities.  We think more about competition than collaboration.  We plan more on being better than the other than working on synergies and harmonising our different unique gifts and talents for common success. All these point to nothing else than the absence of one thing – love.

Love has become a scarce commodity, not because it is hard to find and share, but because there are forces whose existence depends on its absence.  This has gone as far as having individuals and institutions whose sole existence is to use the most influential tools to decide who we should love, and who we should hate.  They do so by promoting a one-dimensional narrative and thought process, and that anyone who has a different opinion is an enemy.  This has not only led to most people hating others for no valid personal reasons, but in one way put a thinking cap on most people to practice their natural ability of thinking for themselves.

Love is everything, and it’s the only thing that can save the world from its current dilemma of unnecessary wars, hate and disunity.  We, the people, on one good morning, must realise that we are all one, have more similarities than differences, and it’s our unique differences that create the beauty we experience.  We are the creators of our own reality, and if love is all we truly need, as we say, then we must all take a stand and say enough is enough; that we are all going to take a personal responsibility to be the agents of love, and detest everything that is against it.  This is because all these jobs that we do for mere survival or making a living (because we are not truly living) will mean nothing if we ignore and become oblivious to the real natural job that we are here to do – to learn, awaken and arise to our next level of consciousness.

For as long as we continue to live more in separation than unity, feeding the satanic forces whose sole purpose is to not only violate nature but also enslave and subjugate humanity, we shall never experience true love.  Living free, in peace and harmony, will forever be a wish and a pipe dream.  Therefore, it is all up to us to do our part, which basically does not cost us a thing – to love.  The best things are for free, and love is one of those.  Hate is insanely costly at all levels, yet so much time and energy are invested in them only to, of course, reap nothing more than disgruntlement and distress.

So, as we close for the year and look forward to the festive season, let us be on guard, and sleep with one eye open.  For the evil ones and the real enemies of humans are restless, and seek every opportunity to devour. Let us all at these times be the agents of love for which this world is longing. This we must do for no other reason but one only – because God is love.




Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimhwaka.

2022-12-16  Karlos Naimwhaka

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