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Uncommon sense - Self-deception is man’s nature

2021-06-04  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon sense - Self-deception is man’s nature
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Man, in his quest for advancement and high intelligence, eventually only tricks and confuses himself.

In his or her assertions, the intentions are crystal clear, yet his actions are muddy, fussy, and pushing him further away from the fact.

As much as a man in his words can be convincing that he wants freedom, his actions eventually become his fall. This is when it becomes very clear that his understanding of freedom is nothing but relief from responsibility. Man always believes he needs freedom from the external and forgets the enslavement to his habits, and even believes that is the source of his anxiety and restlessness.

It is not that complicated though to see that since time immemorial, man has been his obstacle to everything he claims to fight for and achieve. He tries to achieve unity through division, peace through war and even health through sickness.

The religious sphere is even more of an example of just how hypocritical humans have become. He would say one thing and completely do another. He would proclaim the love for the neighbour on Sunday, yet he builds walls around his house as a shield from the neighbour whose name they do not even know. Man would scream “judge not for thy shall be judged” even in the eyes of the entire congregation and yet rejoice in gossip and judgement right at their next step outside the church door. Man would treat their clergymen with the reverence only the creator may deserve, and treats the housemaid who prepares their meal and looks after their offspring as good for nothing.

As if that is not enough, a man likes to seek to atone his ego in the pretence of sophisticated conversations and artificial intellectual delicacies. Man would present himself as an advocate for the impoverished and at the same time, use it as an opportunity to feed his insatiable greed. He would seek self-actualisation in everything that has nothing to do with the self.

Even though history may have pointed to the path upon which everything man truly needs resides, he would still sacrifice it for the glamorous and traumatic mundane activities. Neglect of simplicity becomes the unravelling and turbulence to his soul for he cannot stand himself nor stare at his self-created demons face-to-face. He chooses distraction over investigation and deep engagement of his imagination.

Until man gives up his ambitions to control what is beyond his power, he will only continue to destroy himself and everything else that he needs to carry on his gene. Until man admits and accepts that in his ways to be clever, he only deludes himself, the realisation of the rise to the next level of consciousness continues to be postponed. So, it may be, but not for long until the force of nature and the power in the highest realms may intervene and come to bring balance. Nature’s way may not always be pleasant, but it does what it needs to be done to bring things back to its balance, for nature is like the owner of an enterprise who at some point must take stock to account for every business transaction and balance his books.


By Karlos TheGreat


Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka

2021-06-04  Karlos Naimwhaka

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